Understanding MateSel

Deciding which bull is mated to which cow has a major impact on the rate of genetic improvement, inbreeding levels and overall profitability being achieved by a seedstock herd.  MateSel is a tool that enables breeders to optimise breeding outcomes by creating a suggested mating list based on a group of candidate sires and dams.

Developed by Brian Kinghorn at the University of New England, MateSel has been implemented in the American pig industry to great effect with sustainable genetic gains being achieved whilst maintaining diversity, all resulting in improved profitability.

MateSel is a valuable addition to the TACE suite of tools and provides beef cattle seedstock producers with a guide for objectively optimising mating allocations to reflect their breeding goals and creating long term, sustainable genetic gains.

Through optimising mating allocations, MateSel enables breeders to:
• Maximise the rate of genetic gain in their herd while managing inbreeding at the same time
• Save significant time previously spent compiling mating lists.
• Make informed decisions about semen purchases, which bulls to use, animal selection or culling, mating group formation and mate allocations.
• Include objectivity and proven science in their mating decisions.
• Add significant value to their business by way of additional genetic gain and management of inbreeding to offset the cost of pedigree and performance recording.


Further information regarding MateSel and the benefits it offers are available from the following links.

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