The 2018 Angus Youth National Roundup is heading to Wodonga, Victoria.

June 23, 2017 3:30 pm

Where: Wodonga Showgrounds
When: 11th – 14th January 2018
Co-Ordinators:     Murk and Kate Schoen
Murk: 0427 558 023
Kate: 0488 528 555

Sponsorship Opportunities

There are several promotional opportunities linked with supporting the Angus Youth National Roundup with your support having mutual benefits for the event and your business.
In addition, there is the option for in-kind donations of potential prizes and items for our auction at the Special Dinner and Dance with proceeds going to Angus Youth.

For more information, please contact:
Murk Schoen 0427 558 023
Carol Grylls: 0418 127 986
Dean Fredrickson: 0438 589 296


Ballot Cattle Opportunities

One of the attractions of the Angus Youth National Roundup is ANY child can participate, even if they do not have their own animal to take to the event. In order to offer this, we require studs to provide ballot animals. Should you wish to provide ballot animals please contact:

Caitlin Berecry: 0448 200 822
Dee Branson: 0475 954 465