Trio Bushfire Appeal Wrap Up

May 1, 2017 10:34 am

Congratulations to everyone in the Angus family for their enormous generosity and kindness in raising money to help Matt Cherry and Shelley Piper from Trio Angus.

This will help them recover from the devastating bushfires that swept across their property earlier this year, killing 30 of their precious stud cows, and injuring many more.

The good news is that Matt and Shelley have received some rain, and there is a green turf over the blackened hills.  Matt and Shelley are very grateful, and will use the $14,150 raised to flush some of their favourite cows who can no longer have natural calves due to their burnt udders.

Once again a big thankyou to these champions, and to John Gunthorpe and ABIF, who helped coordinate and administer putting the funds together.

Archer Family
Greg and Leonie Ball
David and Mel Benson – Top Waterloo
Justin and Kate Boschammer
Glenn Bowman
Dan and Vicki Carey
Andrew Clarke – Allandale Station
Vera Finger – Riga Angus
Lyn Frecklington – Hollywood Angus
Des and Carol Grylls – EJ Angus
Stu and Erica Halliday – Ben Nevis Grazing Co
Moyles Family
Chris Robinson
Brenton Sessions – Bellaspur Angus
Matt and Kate Spry – Spry’s Angus
Ross and Dimity Thompson – Millah Murrah
Gaudy Waterhouse
Jim and Jackie Wedge – Ascot Angus

Top Image: Matt & Shelley Piper, Trio Angus Casillis NSW, with their twin boys.