Western Australia Celebrates on Black Friday

September 18, 2019 2:16 pm

Over 100 people converged on Gingin, just over an hour north of Perth for the Western Australia celebrations of the centenary of Angus Australia on Friday the 13th of September.

Hosted by the WA State Committee, Chairman Mark Hattingh welcomed everyone and highlighted the fact that while Angus breeders have made great gains, there is a need ‘to keep the breed moving forward’. 

The first half of the day saw Angus breeders from Western Australia put on a fantastic display of Angus cattle. 

David Roe from Benalong Grazing, Gingin WA and Peter Collins, Merridale Angus, Tennyson Vic, gave a demonstration on structural assessment and Dr Enoch Bergman and Dr Matt Carrick presented a session on various health and breeding management practices that can impact beef herds. 

The session in the yards was followed by the Centenary lunch and with past Angus Australia Presidents, Lew Smit (also an Honorary Life Member) and John Young in attendance along with a number of past Board members and service recognition awardees, there was plenty of time for reflection and celebration, while also focusing on the future and acknowledging the fact that the Angus breed and breeders wish to continue to evolve and still be standing for the next 100 years. 

John Young summed this up best during his speech when he spoke about why the Angus Society has been so successful? 

‘In part because breeders were quick to adopt new technology and breeding tools. Sensibly priced semen. The breed with a natural marbling gene. Fantastic maternal abilities.’ 

Mr Young’s speech was closed out by noting that Angus is, ‘The breed that writes history, others read it’. 

The success of the breeders was a sentiment that was reiterated by Angus Australia CEO Dr Peter Parnell, whom spoke on the value of the based organisation, that is Angus Australia and that its’ members are, ‘Are very passionate about breeding and enhancing and promoting he value of Angus.’ 

‘It is the breeders that have made Angus the success that it is today,’ Dr Parnell said. 

‘The Angus breed is so successful because breeders have adopted technologies made available to them.’ 

Angus Australia President Brad Gilmour gave a presentation on his experiences at the World Angus Secretariat in Uruguay earlier in the year, while also promoting the World Angus Forum that will be hosted by Angus Australia in 2021. 

The speaking sessions were closed out by Caris Jones, Project Manager – Genetics, Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), with an update on MLA activities and the current research and development initiatives in place. 

The afternoon culminated in WA Food Ambassador and chef, Don Hancey serving up some delicious beef during his ‘Chefs Sundowner’, while spruking the highlights of the WA food and wine industry. 

Day 2 of the celebrations saw Angus Australia take the lead, with the beginning of the Centenary Function and Forums series with attendees presented with the new research and development outcomes from Angus Australia, updates to the Angus genetic evaluation services and other projects. 

 Tony and Liz Sudlow from Kapari Angus, Northampton WA believe that attending the forum is a great learning opportunity. 

For Mrs Sudlow it is important to interact with the people making the decisions and implementing the programs and ‘Given the technical nature of a lot of the information, the more times you can be exposed to it the more you take it in.’ 

Mr Sudlows’ take home message was that it is, ‘Great to see a focus on the cow because it’s the driver of any business.’  

He also noted that it is great to see the work being done on structural soundness and docility. 

Top Image: Mark Hattingh & Jim McGregor

100 Years of Angus Australia in WA!

🎉🎉Last Friday & Saturday saw the Centenary Celebrations head to WA! Tony & Liz Sudlow from Kapari Angus tell us a little bit about what happened over the 2 days, as well as why they would encourage other members to attend the upcoming Centenary Forum & Functions, working their way around Australia.🎉🎉 For more information on the upcoming events head here 👉https://buff.ly/2Qcznev

Posted by Angus Australia on Sunday, 15 September 2019