Win $1,000 off the AI or ET bill

October 14, 2016 10:00 am

Vetoquinol is a company close to the farmer’s needs and has always considered that a collaborative approach with a win win outcome is the best way to work with their clients. Our thinking is: your excellence backed by our commitment, as we truly believe in collaboration and achieving more together.

Since 2015, Vetoquinol has partnered with Angus Australia to support the AI of the 2500 cows per year that are part of the Angus Sire Benchmarking Project. Why? Because we truly believe in the value that genetic improvement and technologies provide to the Angus beef producer.

Vetoquinol are proud to offer a 360 approach to reproduction solutions to Angus beef cattle producers. With a strong international knowledge base in the field, we also offer a vast range of products for AI and ET enabling cattle producers to achieve their milestones quickly through improved genetics, better quality herds!

The Cue-Mate® is an intravaginal progesterone releasing device used for synchronisation of heifers and cows that enables AI and ET.

In order to promote AI and ET to help Angus breeders improve the genetics in their herds Vetoquinol has organised a competition for this spring breeding season. This initiative is exclusively for the Angus Australia members.


Vetoquinol will pay $1000 towards the bill from the veterinarian or AI technician to 10 lucky Angus breeders that are using the Cue-Mate® device for the AI and/or ET of their herd. For every 25 Cue-Mate® devices used, the Angus Australia member will be eligible for one entry into the draw.

To enter the competition, let us know the number of Cue-Mate® devices by clicking on the link and filling in the required details including your Angus Australia member number.

If you are a lucky winner, Vetoquinol will ask for you to give evidence of the purchase prior to receiving the prize.

The link will be active until 31st December, allowing you to enter on more than one occasion. We will sum the amount of Cue-Mate® devices used by the end of the year to count the amount of entries into the competition. Angus Australia will draw the prize in 31st January 2017.

For further information please contact: Greg Heeney: 0475 948 880, Sophia Edwards: 0418 270 680 or Brooke Cowan: 0423 828 050

Good luck!

By Vetoquinol