World Angus Secretariat Meeting

June 23, 2017 8:31 am

The World Angus Secretariat conducted their bi-annual meeting at the beginning of the World Angus Forum with representatives from Angus Australia and Angus Youth Australia making presentations.

The World Angus Secretariat is made up of more than 20 Angus breed associations worldwide, with meetings taking place every two years in line with the World Angus Forum every 4 years and the World Angus Secretariat event in between forums. This meeting provides the opportunity for representatives of each association to get together and discuss the latest breed information and technological advances and how each association is implementing these into their member programs.

Angus Australia was represented by President Libby Creek, Vice President, Brad Gilmour and CEO Peter Parnell, with Libby and Peter taking the opportunity to make a presentation of a gift to the Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society.

As part of the Youth Competition during the World Angus Forum each youth team was allocated some time during the Secretariat meeting to make a presentation to the meeting about the youth programs their countries run. Chloe Gould made the presentation on behalf of Angus Youth Australia and also used the opportunity to introduce her fellow team members, Jasmin Ramage and Angus and Kaiti McGregor.

Chloe Gould providing a run down on the Angus Youth Australia program to the World Angus Secretariat meeting

Top Image: Angus Australia CEO Peter Parnell and President Libby Creek, present Alex Sanger, Chair of the World Angus Forum 2017 and President of the Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society with a painting from Angus Australia to the Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society at the World Angus Secretariat meeting, Edinburgh, Scotland