2014 – Lauren Berecry

December 17, 2015 11:00 am

The Trans-Tasman Exchange along with other scholarships within the Angus Youth Program are unique awards which should not be taken for granted. At last year’s Roundup I was fortunate enough to be awarded the Trans-Tasman Exchange scholarship.

My goal for the exchange was to visit various operations throughout the 5 week period, both stud and commercial, in order to gain insight and understanding of the numerous management systems. I spent 2 weeks in the North Island and 3 weeks in the South. During this time I visited 17 Angus Studs, 3 commercial enterprises, Attended 3 stud sales, 2 dairies, The New Zealand Angus Society, Lincoln University, Taraua Breeding Services, a feedlot and a piggery.

This provided me with a fantastic cross section of the New Zealand agricultural industry as well as broadening my horizons to the dairy and pork industries. These experiences have reinforced my appreciation for the beef industry and has encouraged me to continue to persue a career within Australian agriculture.

Having the chance to be welcomed into so many families homes and discuss their goals and passions for the Angus breed was a valuable aspect of the trip and I’m grateful for the hospitality and the invaluable friendships I have made.

My travels allowed me to compare and contrast multiple management systems which highlighted some key areas of difference. In particular, in terms of marketing there is two clear methods taken up throughout New Zealand. Those using history within their marketing campaign such as Turiroa Angus, in the North Island. Who have a strong tradition of breeding Angus bulls in the same region for one hundred years as opposed to TeMania, in the South Island, who have taken on innovation by using science and technology as a marketing tool.

Once again I would like to share my appreciation and how grateful I am for being given this unique award. I would like to address the Angus Youth members who are eligible for this scholarship, I encourage you to think about what you can gain from this experience and apply in the years to come, because once an opportunity has passed it can’t be caught.

For more details about my trip I wrote a blog which can be visited HERE.

I’ve also made a short video of my travels which can be viewed HERE.

Lauren Berecry
2014 Trans-Tasman Exchange