2019 BREEDPLAN Submission Dates

January 2, 2019 3:16 pm

Angus BREEDPLAN analyses will be conducted on a fortnightly analysis during 2019, with the introduction of an additional analysis at the beginning of January being the only change to the 2018 analyis schedule.  As such, the submission deadlines for inclusion in each Angus BREEDPLAN analysis are outlined in the table below.

All performance data submissions must be received by Angus Australia before 5pm on the submission deadline for inclusion in the analysis.  All animal registrations should be submitted at least 5 working days prior to the submission deadline for inclusion in the analysis.

Mid-January January 1 January 17
 February  January 15  January 31
 Mid February  February 1  February 17
 March  February 15  February 28
 Mid March  March 1  March 17
 April  March 15  March 31
 Mid April  April 1  April 18
 May  April 15  April 30
 Mid May  May 1  May 19
 June  May 15  May 31
 Mid June  June 1  June 16
 July  June 15  June 30
 Mid July  July 1  July 17
 August  July 15  July 31
 Mid August  August 1  August 18
 September  August 15  August 31
 Mid September  September 1  September 18
 October  September 15  September 30
 Mid October  October 1  October 16
 November  October 15  October 31
 Mid November  November 1  November 17
 December  November 12  November 30
 Mid December  November 25  December 10
 January  December 9 December 23

Note: The dates for the availability of results are indicative only. They are provided to assist with planning, but should not be considered as guaranteed dates. 

For a printable version of the BREEDPLAN analysis dates CLICK HERE.