Angus cattle continue run of high prices around Australia

December 10, 2015 3:45 pm

The AuctionsPlus market was again a hotbed of activity for Angus and Angus cross cattle in Friday’s Eastern States AuctionsPlus Sale (25/09/15), with females taking the glory as heifer prices lifted strongly and cows and calves again making over $2,000.

First calvers saw an average of $2,033, while 3-4 year old cows averaged $1,827. Older cows and calves made $1,400 to $2,110.

An offering of 227 Angus cows with Angus calves at foot, by BF & GM Ryan, Cootamundra NSW topped the market in every age category.

The highlight of the offering were 60 second calvers at just 3 years of age making the top money of $2,140. ‘These young cows show plenty of stretch, are producing plenty of milk, and putting it all into their calves,’ said Delta Ag assessor Andrew Adams.

Angus cross hereford heifers PTIC to Angus bulls, offered by RD & M Sullivan Coonbarabran NSW, reached $1,415 to top the PTIC first calver market.

35 backgrounder Angus heifers on account of Ardonachie, Hamilton VIC reached 348c/kg or $935. The 268kg heifers were described as an ‘excellent line of of EU accredited angus heifers, showing good growth and confirmation for their age’, by Kerr & Co assessor Shaun Mansbridge.

While their heavier sisters (311kg) made 338c/kg or $1,055.

Other AuctionsPlus heifer prices:
– 32 PTIC Angus heifers, 23-24 months, on account of B & M Beaton, Jindabyne NSW made $1,200 per head
– 91 Angus heifers 11-13 months old, 311kg-476kg, on account of E.J, M & P.E Billing, Goondiwindi QLD made $1,185 per head
– 24 Angus heifers 12-13 months, 345kg-463kg, on account of Parsons Pastoral Coonmable NSW made $1,170
– 37 Angus heifers 9-13 months, 312-422kg, on account of Kiaora Grazing, Coolatai NSW made $1,170

The steer market continued to perform particularly well with a line of 64 Angus feeder steers from Yarraford Trust, Dundee NSW making 371c/kg or $1,306 for the 366kg steers.

Colin Say & Co assessor Shad Bailey described the steers as ‘A quality draft of EU accredited weaned Angus steer yearlings from the renowned Yarraford Station herd. Steers are trye to type and will suit all domestic and export feeder orders or backgrounders’.

At the heavier end of the scale, 75, 430kg Angus feeder steers on account of Hathaway Farming Pty Ltd, Mullaley NSW made 357c/kg or $1,495.

Other AuctionsPlus steer prices:
– 87 Angus & Angus cross feeder steers 10-12 months, 363kg, on account of M.R & S.G Elsey, Inglewood QLD made 341c/kg or $1,187.
– 50 Angus feeder steers, 12-14 months, 466kg, on account of Stirling Pastoral Co, ORange NSW, made $1,500 per head.

At the Roma store cattle sale 29/09/15 saw Angus cross steers topped the weaner steer 220-280kg market when a pen of 262kg steers offered by R & J Copeland, Taroom QLD made 344c/kg, to return $902.

The Ballarat Store Sale VIC on the 18/09/15 saw Angus steers reach over the magical 400c/kg mark with the standout sale of the sale of the day going to 16 Angus steers offered by Galbro, when the 296kg steers were knocked down for 405c/kg or $1,200.

While 14 Angus heifers on account of CM & J Maher, Clarkes Hill VIC, topped the heifer when they were knocked down for $1,320.

Other Ballarat Results:
– 37 Angus steers offered by Mt Talbot, Toolonda VIC made $1,250-1,580
– 13 Angus steers, 18 months on account of Nebpak Enterprises made $1,550
– 14 Angus heifers topped the Angus

AuctionsPlus is not the only market to see cows and calves make $2,000 or more, the Seaton cattle sale, VIC 18/08/15 saw the cow and calf market up to $2,010 when a pen offered by Trevor Knight Stratford VIC were knocked down for the top price of the sale. A second pen from the same vendor made $2,000.

Also at Seaton, Malanda Pastoral Compnay, Stradbroke VIC sold 11, 10-12 month old Angus steers for $1,590.

The NVLX (Wodonga) store cattle sale on the 17/09/15 saw Angus steers top steer the market when  vendor MC Penny, Baranduda VIC sold a yard of 24 477kg Angua steers for $1,620.

Angus heifers also topped the heifer market with 436kg heifers on account of M. Elliot knocked down for $1,360.

Other Results from around Australia:

Hamilton Vic 24/09/15:
– Toora West sold 29 450kg Angus steers for 340c/kg or $1,530
– Jigsaw Farms sold 24 Angus steers, 416kg for 342c/kg or $1,422
– Jigsaw Farms sold 52 Angus heifers, 330kg for 334c/kg or $1,102

Angus & Angus cross cattle were the highlight at the Warwick Cattle Sale QLD, 22/09/15:
– 381kg Angus cross steers, offered by R.A George, Killarney QLD made 333.2c/kg or $1,270
– Angus weaner steers offered by Glenisa Cattle Company, Stanthorpe QLD, made 357.2c/kg or $846 for 237kg steers
– Angus cross weaner steers offered by IH & DM Sobbe, Clifton QLD made 359c/kg or $916 for 255kg steers

Toowoomba Elders sale QLD, 21/09/15:
– A pen of 12 Angus cross cows and calves from Chinchilla, QLD reached a top for the sale of $1,870

Toowoomba O’Sullivan Auctions QLD, 21/09/15:
– 335kg Angus cross steers, Felton QLD sold fro 330.2c/kg to return $1,106.

Heyfield Landmark special store cattle sale VIC 18/09/15:- 9 Angus yearling steers topped the market at $1,630 for 497kg steers on account of F & K Crossfield, Perry Bridge VIC
– 10 months old Angu steers, 357kg on account of G Krkljes, Fulham Vic, made $1,230

Grafton Store Cattle Sale NSW, 17/09/15:
– 453kg Angus weaner steers offered by S.U Lloyd, Coutts Crossing NSW topped the market on cents per kilogram when they reached 352c/kg or $540.

Leongatha Store cattle sale VIC, 17/09/15:
– 59 Angus steers 372-386kg, on account of Conisbee & Co, Glengarry VIC made 370-383c/kg or $1,420-$1,430

Great Southern Mt Barker WA:
– 11 Angus yearling steers topped the market, on account of Forrest Downs to make 337c/kg or $1,179 for 350kg steers
– 9 Angus yearling steers, on account of DJ Fisher made 335c/kg or $1,128 for 337kg steers