A tribute to Enid Fisher

January 31, 2022 2:05 pm

“As a board member of AA for many years and President 1985/86 I had the privilege of working with Enid Fisher over a long period of time. Enid was an incredibly hard working person who gave much of her life to the Angus breed and its members. Enid was at the helm of AA at a time when the Angus breed was at its lowest ebb, probably the smallest of most breed societies at that time. Enid like many of the Board Directors at that time recognised the potential of Angus in Australia and together, under her leadership, worked tirelessly to implement changes which were to take the breed forward to where it is today. During my time as President I had the pleasure of working with Enid to achieve three major changes. Firstly the appointment of a Breed Development Officer, secondly the implementation of Angus Group Breedplan and thirdly the adaption of the Inventory System of levying members. Few could argue that these three initiatives’ have been the major contributors’ to the breeds success today. It is important that Angus breeders who are enjoying the popularity of the breed today acknowledge those who laid the foundation for success – Enid Fisher was one of those.”

David G Raff President 1985/86


Passing of Enid Fisher – An Angus legend


Feature Image: Enid Fisher sashing the Senior & Grand Champion Bull at the 1985 Adelaide Royal Show, Thologolong Think Twice, with parader Kerrie Sutherland and Judge Greg Chappell.