Consultative Committees

Angus Australia has five Consultative Committees for Genetic Evaluation, the Angus Sire Benchmarking Program, Angus Youth, Northern Development and World Angus Forum. 

These consultative committees provide a mechanism to obtain structured feedback of ideas and suggestions from members.  The consultative committees will assist the Angus Australia Board of Directors and management in developing strategies and policies that ensure Angus Australia’s programs meet the current and future requirements of members.  

The composition of the consultative committees is as follows: 

Genetic Evaluation Consultative Committee

James Laurie
James Laurie – Knowla Livestock –Chair

James is the fourth generation co-principal at Knowla Livestock at Gloucester NSW. James is the Angus Australia NSW State Committee President. James has been breeding Angus seedstock since 1994 in conjunction with a 800 cow commercial crossbred herd. They held their first on property sale in 2009, now selling at least 60 performance recorded bulls annually.

Frank Archer
Frank Archer – Landfall Angus

Frank is the fourth generation co-principal of Landfall Angus based in Tasmania’s Tamar Valley, breeding 1600 registered females annually. Self replacing herd, raising all replacement females and marketing 400 bulls annually. Frank manages the breeding, animal husbandry, production and marketing programs of their Angus seedstock herd.

Sinclair Munro – Booroomooka Angus

Sinclair Munro is the fifth generation to manage The Munro family’s property Keera, located near Bingara in northern NSW.  Keera is the home of Booroomooka Angus which is one of the largest and most innovative in studs in Australia.  Sinclair manages all aspects of the stud with attention to detail in producing high quality bulls to meet customer requirements.  Prior to 1996, Sinclair studied at The University of Sydney obtaining a Honours Degree in Agricultural Economics and worked for NH Foods Australia.

Bryan Corrigan
Bryan Corrigan – Rennylea Angus

Bryan has bred the Rennylea herd since 1968. His focus on returns for the commercial producer has produced the genetic profile of the Rennylea herd today. Bryan has been breeding angus cattle all his adult life, and seedstock since the early 1980s. Bryan’s cattle have been recorded since the start of Group Breedplan and the herd was initially APR cattle. Bryan has 1,400 performance recorded cows and sells 500 bulls annually.

Bea Litchfield – Hazeldean Angus
Bea is currently immersed in the family business at Hazeldean Angus as stud stock manager resulting in her being involved in breeding decisions, management, marketing and production. Hazeldean Angus sell 400 Angus bulls across 5 auctions to a wide range of climates and production systems.  Bea also holds a degree in Agricultural Science (Honours) majoring in Livestock Production.

Mandy Wales – Alloura Angus

Together with her husband, Mandy established Alloura Angus in 2000.  Alloura Angus now have around 300 stud breeders and produce and market females, bulls and semen. Mandy is responsible for the genetic planning and marketing activities and has a number of tertiary qualifications with a Bachelor of Economics, Master of Demography and currently is a PhD Candidate in Population Health.

Sam White – President and Board Chair

Angus Australia & Strategic Projects Committee Chair (Sam White- Bald Blair Angus)

Andrew Byrne (ex-officio)

Angus Australia Breed Development & Extension Manager – Angus Australia

Angus Sire Benchmarking Consultative Committee

Stephen Chase – Cow Herd Representative, Waitara Angus – Chair

Stephen is owner and operator of Waitara Angus near Trangie, NSW.  Waitara has a commercial breeding herd of 350 cows.

Brad Cavanagh – Bull Owner Representative, Hardhat Angus

Brad is the owner and manager of Hardhat Angus with properties at Dubbo and Harden, NSW.  Hardhat Angus has contributed 6 bulls in the ASBP over 4 cohorts.

Rodger Pryce – Bull Owner Representative- Brooklana Angus

Rodger is the owner of Brooklana Angus, located near Coffs Harbour, New South Wales.  Over the span of 4 cohorts, Rodger has had 6 bulls in the ASBP.

David Murray
David Murray – Kilburnie Angus

David is owner of Kilburnie Angus located near Walcha, NSW. The Kilburnie herd produces around 200 registered calves annually. Kilburnie have nominated 7 bulls in the ASBP since its inception.

Lachie Wilson – Bull Owner Representative- Murdeduke Angus

Lachie is the Principal and Farm Manager of Murdeduke Angus near Winchelsea, Victoria.  Murdeduke has a total of 4 bulls that have been involved in the ASBP.

Richard Puddicombe – Cow Herd Representative, Parwaway Pastoral Company

Richard is the Manager of the Paraway Pastoral property Burindi Station, located near Barraba NSW.  Paraway Pastoral has a commercial Angus herd of up to 500 cows.

Keith Howe – Feedlot Representative, Rangers Valley Feedlot

Keith is the Chief Executive Officer of Rangers Valley Feedlot, Glen Innes, NSW.

Andrew Malloy- Feedlot Representative Rangers Valley Feedlot

Andrew Malloy is the Livestock Procurement Manger for Rangers Valley Feedlot.

Hamish Chandler, sheep genetics consultant.
Hamish Chandler – Meat and Livestock Australia

MLA Representative

Brad Gilmour (ex-officio)

Angus Australia Board Chairperson

Hamish McFarlane, (ex-officio)

Strategic Projects Committee Chairman

Peter Parnell (ex-officio)

Angus Australia Chief Executive Officer

Christian Duff (ex-officio)

Angus Australia Strategic Projects Manager

Nick Butcher (ex-officio)

Angus Australia ASBP Project Officer

Angus Youth Consultative Committee

Murk Schoen – Chair


Monique Estrada

Monique is the most recent Angus Australia University of Illinois Scholar, after winning the 2019 Angus Youth National Judging Competition and has just recently returned from the US. 

Monique wants to see Angus Youth continue to be the benchmark for youth development across the World and would like to see it continue to nurture and foster a love and passion for the beef industry and Angus breed among young beef breeders.

Rebecca George

Becca is the most recent recipient of the Kansas State University Scholarship. 

Becca believes that by giving Angus Youth members opportunities & resources to further their understanding of technology & current production systems, they can encourage independent thinking that can help the beef industry grow into the future.

Ruby Canning

Ruby has been involved with the Angus Youth program for many years and was fortunate to attend the inaugural GenAngus Future Leaders program in 2019. 

Ruby believes that Angus Australia have by far the most developed and engaging youth program in Australia and would love to see this expanded to working with international organisations through online platforms to expand the education opportunities for young cattle breeders.

Jack Laurie

Jack has a long history with the Angus breed and has attended 11 Angus Youth National Roundups. 

Jack believes that further programs in the northern parts of Australia should be a key aspect of the Angus Youth Program moving forward, along with more programs for the 18+ age group in commercial settings for livestock breeding.

Sam Finlayson

Sam was awarded one of the LiveExchange scholarships in 2019 and was due to attend the 2020 GenAngus Future Leaders Program 

With a background in Verified Black Angus branded beef and through working with importers predominantly in Asia, Sam has a vision to bridge the gap between to allow Angus Youth members to experience the reach and scope of the Angus breed both domestically and abroad.

Angus World Forum Consultative Committee

Mark Gubbins – Chair

Mark runs a fourth generation mixed farming enterprise near Chatsworth Vic. As part of this operation Mark has run the Coolana Angus stud for over 30 years, with bull sales held in both Victoria and South Australia.

Most recently with family succession in mind, the Coolana Stud was dispersed and Mark will continue to breed commercial Angus cattle.

Mark served as President of Angus Australia from 2011-2013.

Libby Creek

Libby has extensive experience within both the seedstock and commercial beef industry and has been a member of the South Australian Angus State Committee for twenty one years.

Libby and her husband Bruce, managed the well-known Angus stud, The Basin for eighteen years and The Basin’s dispersal, the Creek’s took on the role of business managers for Hillcrest Pastoral Company, a commercial cattle operation running 2,500 Angus and Angus cross females in the south east of South Australia.

Libby served as President of Angus Australia from 2016-2018.

Mike Gadd

Mike and his wife Joy run The Glen Pastoral Co a 750-hectare property, near Walwa Vic that supports up to 500 breeding cows, plus heifer replacements, sale bulls and steers and heifers which are grown out for feedlots or processing for Meat Standards Australia-graded beef. This year will mark the 47th Annual On property Sale for The Glen.

Mike served as President of Angus Australia from 2013-2015.

Perry Gunner

Brad Gilmour

Brad Gilmour has been an Angus Australia member for 21 years and runs a large commercial Angus operation near Boorcan Vic.

Brad and his wife Marg provided one of the co-operator herds for the Angus Sire Benchmarking Program across five cohorts from 2011.

Brad has been involved in the Angus Victorian State Committee for several years and is the current President of Angus Australia.

Diana Wood (ex-officio)

Angus Australia Marketing & Communications Manager.

Peter Parnell (ex-officio)

Angus Australia Chief Executive Officer.


Northern Development Consultative Committee

Johnathan Schmidt – Burenda Angus, Dalby,  QLD

“A large percentage of the Australian breeder herd is based north of the Tropic of Capricorn, and this has traditionally been a Bos Indicus area. Hence there is huge scope for cross breeding with Angus genetics to improve fertility and carcase traits to help meet market suitability.”

Brett Guest – Clunie Range Angus, Coolatai,   NSW

“The Northern industry is principally made up of cattle breeders that achieve 100% of their income from cattle. They are well educated on the industry and are very astute. They do not respond to being preached to by “southerners” who don’t understand their requirements. More than anything this committee needs to gather information and build understanding. We know from experience the performance results by using Angus genetics can be spectacular and can be maintained long term.”

Ben Mayne – Texas Angus, Warialda,   NSW

“As meat quality is gaining momentum in the north, Bos Indicus breeders are sourcing Bos Taurus breeds to improve their carcase quality traits of their herds.  Angus Australia and its members are at the forefront of the industry for performance recording, the leader in genomics and the breed is recognised worldwide for its meat quality and excellent maternal traits. “

Ben Noller – Polgrove Ultrablacks, Dalveen,   QLD

“With direction through an initiative such as the Northern Development program, the Angus breed and genetics can make further inroads into the northern Australia beef herds. This will ultimately expand new markets for Angus breeders and positively impact the Australian beef industry by increasing productivity & profitability through traits relating to meat quality and fertility.”

Simon Falkiner – Murdeduke Angus, Winchelsea,  VIC

“Experience gained over 15 years of supplying Angus bulls into Western and Central Queensland has shown us that there are great benefits to be achieved for all concerned from the infusion Angus genetics into Northern herds. Northern producers can reap the fertility, temperament and performance benefits, regularly remarking that they “can’t believe how many calves hit the ground so quickly, how much those calves weigh at weaning and how easily they wean”.