An even line is the best

November 21, 2016 10:10 am

BRUCE Dwerryhouse loves an even line of cattle.

And even though the decision 20 years ago to move to a purebred Angus herd was market driven, he couldn’t be happier.

Mr Dwerryhouse, along with his wife Gillian, of “Sunshine”, Glenellen, 25 kilometres north of Albury, runs about 300 purebred Angus breeders on 600 hectares spread over three blocks.

Mr Dwerryhouse is a retired agribusiness lender with Rural Finance Corporation of Victoria and also worked for Rabobank.

“I’ve really done that for 40 years,” he said.

“I always had a farm, but I retired four years ago.”

Mr Dwerryhouse began his Angus herd with 40 heifers brought in from Tasmania, and hasn’t looked back.

“We have been very happy running the Angus cattle.

“I like to have a very even line of cattle.”

One thing Mr Dwerryhouse insists upon is buying quality bulls.

“Because of the popularity of the breed, it has made it easy to get good stud bulls,” he said.

Mr Dwerryhouse calves his herd in September, and said the Angus mothers have been ideal.

“They are really good mothers, and very good milkers,” he said.

“They just suit us, they are easy-care cattle.”

He weans in the yards and paddock, and the weaners are put onto improved pastures.

He said his steers average around 480 kilograms at 15 months old, and are sold direct to feedlots.

He keeps 50 of his top heifers as future replacements, while the rest are sold to feedlots or to Coles.

“The feedlots are keen to keep our cattle,” he said.

Mr Dwerryhouse said the Albury area has also been ideal for raising good cattle.

“It is fantastic. Albury is a wonderful area,” he said.

His property has mostly grey granite, loam and clay soils, and he said the area receives around 685 millimetres of rain a year, which mostly comes in winter and spring.

He said the area has very hot summers.

Mr Dwerryhouse said he has been pleased to see the breed development and marketing carried out by Angus Australia.

“It has been very encouraging,” he said.

He said the recent boost in beef prices has also been a bonus.

“It is very gratifying to see where the prices are at at the moment,” he said.


Julia Wythes Fairfax Media