Angus & Angus influenced cattle demanded

January 8, 2016 1:34 pm

Saleyard prices in the lead up to Christmas eased slightly, however the demand for Angus and Angus influenced cattle continued in Victoria and Western Australia.

The Ballarat store sale (VIC 18/12/15) cow and calf market was topped by a pen of 10 Angus cows and calves. Offered by VG & SM Richards, the cows made $1,720.

The same vendor offered 30 Angus steers that made up to 338c/kg for 355kg steers, to make $1,200 per head.

Other Ballarat results:
–  49 Angus steers, 327kg, Worndoo Park, made 321c/kg or $1,050
–  30 Angus steers, 413kg, Narweena Partnership , made 305c/kg or $1,260

The highest price per kilogram paid at the Kyneton store cattle sale (VIC 16/12/15) was 337c/kg. The price was achieved for 13 March drop Angus weaner steers, on account of Ken and Glenys Kelly,
making $1,130 per head.

The top price for cows and calves was $1,500, when a pen of 7 mixed age Angus cows with calves at foot, offered by Murphy and Barker, Barfold VIC, were knocked down for the top price.

Other Kyneton results:
–  60 PTIC Angus heifers, 20 months, GPI Pastoral, averaged $1,200 per head

The South West premium F1 female sale, held at Boyanup (WA 17/12/15) saw Angus influenced cattle dominate the results.

A pen of 6 PTIC Angus cross Friesian heifers, made the sale top of $3,000. The top price pen was offered by EP & DK Gardiner who offered a total of 75 head overall to average just over $2,500.

Unjoined heifers were knocked down for a top of $1,850 on two occasions.

Firstly for a pen of 6 Angus cross Friesian heifers on account of R & C Italiano and then again for a pen of 10 Angus cross Friesian heifers offered by the Neil Family.

Weaner sales in Western Australia continued their strong start with Angus steers topping the cents per kilogram at the Elders Boyanup weaner sale (WA 16/12/15).

Knocked down for 352c/kg were 16 Angus steers on account of Jasper Hill Resources, Rosa Glen WA. The 276kg steers made $972 per head.

A further two lines of 15 Angus steers offered by the same vendor made 350c/kg ($1,004) and $344c/kg ($857).

Other Boyanup weaner sale results:
–  14 Angus steers, 294kg, Connelly Creek Grazing, North Brookton WA, made 339c/kg or $997
–  15 Angus steers,, Connelly Creek Grazing, North Brookton WA, made 338c/kg or $1057
–  15 Angus steers, Connelly Creek Grazing, North Brookton WA, made 336c/kg or $1,104
–  14 Angus steers, 342kg, Connelly Creek Grazing, North Brookton WA, made 327c/kg or $1,117

The Landmark Manjimup weaner sale (WA 15/12/15), also saw Angus steers realise the top price for cents per kilogram.

Kanangra Angus offered 11 pens of Angus steers, with their top pen making the sale top of 336c/kg or $1,227.

Four pens of 13 Angus steers made between 334 and 336c/kg or $910 to $1,145.

Other pens of 12 sold for between 310 and 330c/kg or $1,126 to $1,175.

Other results around Australia:

Pakenham (VIC 17/12/15):
–  12 Angus steers, 2 teeth, K & H Brown, French Island VIC, made $1,570
–  28 Angus steers, D Gilfillan, Mt Eliza VIC, made $1,170 – $1,380

Elders Mt Barker weaner sale (WA 17/12/15):
–  13 Angus weaner steers, 254kg, LT Toovey & Sons, made 341c/kg or $866
–  21 Angus cross weaner steers, 326kg, Quintarra Farms, made 330c/kg or $1,075
–  10 Angus cross weaner steers, 334kg, ME & R Henderson, made 312c/kg or $1,042
–  12 Angus weaner steers, 342kg, Ten Year Developments, made 310c/kg or $1,060

Landmark Mt Barker weaner sale (WA 17/12/15):
–  16 Angus weaner steers, 287kg, JR & ME Rodgers, made 335c/kg or $961
–  15 Angus weaner steers, 314kg, BL Petchall & SA Petchall, made 330c/kg or $1,036
–  17 Angus cross weaner steers, 335kg, MJ & VJ Neill, made 316c/kg or $1,058