Angus AuctionsPlus Report 6 May

May 12, 2016 11:51 am

Angus cattles dominance on AuctionPlus continued in Friday’s Eastern States sale 6 May, with Angus cattle topping all steer, heifer, PTIC females and cows & calves categories except one.

Angus AuctionsPlus 060516 ALL BREEDS NEW

Angus Auctionsplus sale summary: To download a clear, print friendly PDF version CLICK HERE

Angus Steers:

Angus AuctionsPlus 060516 STEERS NEW

68 Angus steers, 317kg topped the 300 – 350kg market portion for steer at $1105 (349c/kg)

Angus Heifers:

Angus AuctionsPlus 060516 HEIFERS NEW

52 Angus heifers, 266kg topped the 250 – 300kg market portion for heifer at $875 (329c/kg)

Angus PTIC Females and Angus Cows & Calves:

Angus AuctionsPlus 060516 COWS 1 NEW Angus AuctionsPlus 060516 COWS 2 NEW

41 Angus PTIC heifers, 2yrs old, topped the PTIC Females under 2 yrs portion of the sale at $1575

46 Angus PTIC cows, 3-8yrs old, topped the PTIC Females Mixed Age portion of the sale at $1550

Top Image: 68 Top priced Angus steers, 317kg, from Bathurst, NSW, making $1105 (349c/kg) in Friday’s AuctionsPlus Eastern States sale 6 May. Photo courtesy of AuctionsPlus.