Angus AuctionsPlus Report 8 Apr

April 14, 2016 2:05 pm

Cattle numbers continued to grow for April as 12,752 head were offered for Friday’s AuctionsPlus Eastern States sale, 8 Apr.

Angus and Angus cross steers, 270kg, 8 to 9 month old from Stonyford VIC made $965 (358c/kg)

Unjoined Angus heifers, 417kg, 18 to 19 month old from Segenhoe NSW made $1310 (314c/kg)

Angus PTIC females and cows and calves saw strong demand as restockers across 4 states look to build their numbers and take advantage of the market as it has come off the boil.

The sale breakdown:

Angus AuctionsPlus ALL BREEDS new

Angus Auctionsplus sale summary: To download a clear, print friendly PDF version CLICK HERE

Angus Steers:

Angus AuctionsPlus STEERS new

44 Angus steers, 301kg topped the 300 – 350kg market portion for steer at $1020 (339c/kg)

Angus Heifers:

Angus AuctionsPlus HEIFERS new

Angus PTIC Females and Angus Cows & Calves:

Angus AuctionsPlus COWS new

26 PTIC Angus heifers, 2.5yrs old topped the PTIC Female 2 – 4yrs market portion at $1450

28 Angus cows & calves, 3-5yrs old topped the cows & calves market portion at $1910

Top image: 29 Top priced Angus heifers, 417kg, making $1310 in Friday’s AuctionsPlus Eastern States sale 8 Apr. Photo courtesy of AuctionsPlus.