Angus Australia Board Update – Results of Directors ballot

May 18, 2016 3:53 pm

The Ballot for positions on the Angus Australia Board closed on Friday 6th May.

Based on the number of valid votes received by the independent Returning Officer (Forsyths), and according to the rules set out in Clause 13.2 of the Angus Australia Constitution, the following members were elected:

Nationally elected Directors: Mr Sam White and Mr Dean Frederickson
State elected Director for NSW: Dr Laurence Denholm
State Elected Director for Tasmania: Ms Samantha Dobson

The new Directors will commence their 2 year term following the Angus Australia Annual General Meeting to be conducted at 4:30pm tomorrow, Thursday 19th May at the Commercial Club, Albury.

Considering these newly elected Directors and those Directors with continuing terms, the following Directors will form the 2016 Angus Australia Board:

from South Australia: Mrs Libby Creek and Mr Perry Gunner;

from Tasmania: Mrs Samantha Dobson;

from NSW: Dr Laurence Denholm, Mr Dean Fredricksen and Mr Sam White;

from Western Australia: Mr Lindsay Wolrige;

from Queensland: Mr Brett Piraner;

and, from Victoria: Mr Brad Gilmour and Mr Michael Gadd.

Under the Constitution, the elected Directors of the Board may appoint up to two Optional Appointed Directors with specific skills and experience that the Board believes are appropriate for the Board and which are not currently available amongst the elected Directors.

Angus Australia acknowledges the contributions of retiring Directors, Mr Max Badcock and Mr Tony Seymour, elected Directors from Tasmania; Mr Tony Golding, elected Director from Western Australia; and, Mr Peter Trahar and Mr Hugh Munro, elected  Directors from NSW.

Since the current Board Chairman, Mr Hugh Munro is retiring from the Board the incoming and continuing Directors will elect a new Chairman/President at their first Board meeting commencing on Friday 20th May.

Peter Parnell
CEO and Company Secretary