Angus Australia to host World Angus Forum in 2021

January 5, 2016 3:46 pm

At its meeting in Mazatlan, Mexico last week the World Angus Secretariat agreed to a proposal by Angus Australia to host the World Angus Forum in Australia during 2021.

The Secretariat meeting, hosted by the Mexican Angus Association, included delegates from USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Argentina, Sweden, Uruguay, Portugal, Brazil, Columbia, New Zealand and Australia. Angus Australia was represented by Mr Hugh Munro (President) and Dr Peter Parnell (CEO).

“Angus Australia was honoured by the decision of the World Angus Secretariat to award the 2021 Forum to Australia”, said Mr Munro.

“Hosting of the Forum in Australia will be a fitting way to celebrate 100 years of the existence of the Angus Society of Australia (Angus Australia) which will occur in 2019”, he said.

Angus Australia CEO, Dr Peter Parnell, said that “The World Angus Secretariat is an important body which sets international standards for pedigree recording and maintenance of Herd Books by member countries.

It is also an important forum for the establishment of protocols for international exchange of genetic information, and exchange of technical material related to the ongoing genetic improvement of Angus cattle and Angus beef in member countries”.

“Presentations by member countries at the World Angus Secretariat meeting indicated that the Angus breed continues to grow in prominence in all major beef producing countries. The dominance of Angus based beef brands across the world is a clear indication of the continued recognition of Angus as the breed of choice for quality beef production” said Dr Parnell.

The next World Angus Forum will be conducted in Scotland between 15th June and 3rd July 2017.

Further details of the Forums to be conducted in Scotland (2017) and Australia (2021) will be available on the Angus Australia website in the near future.

In the meantime to register your interest or receive some initial information on the 2017 World Angus Forum in Scotland CLICK HERE.

Pictured above: The World Angus Secretariat was held in Mazatlan, Mexico.