Angus Australia’s response to COVID-19

March 25, 2020 8:15 am

The Board and staff of Angus Australia are very mindful of the stress on members and the broader community arising from COVID-19.

Angus Australia has implemented policies to minimise the risk to our staff and their families, and to assist in slowing the spread of COVID-19 in the community.  However, it is our clear intention and plan to maintain services to members as best we can during this extraordinary time.

In order to assist with community physical distancing, where possible Angus Australia staff are now working from their home offices.  We have implemented systems to facilitate uninterrupted communications with members.  However, we request your patience and understanding if sometimes your message needs to go to voicemail and/or it takes us a little longer to respond while we adjust to this new work environment.  We ask that where possible you send any requests via email rather than telephone.  Relevant email addresses are as follows:

You can also contact individual team members via the staff page on the Angus Australia website:

While it is still possible, it is our intention to keep the Angus Australia office open with a limited number of staff in attendance to process incoming mail and submitted DNA samples etc.  However, based on what has occurred in other countries and other industries it is possible that further physical distancing protocols may be implemented in coming days/weeks such that we may eventually only be able to provide services remotely from our home-office arrangements. 

In order to maximise our ability to respond to member services transactions, even in the circumstance of an enforced office shut down, we ask that where possible work requests are submitted electronically (e.g. via email) and payments made by BPAY, rather than mailing paper-based requests and sending payment via personal cheques.  Further information and tips to assist with electronic transactions and making electronic payments will be forwarded to members over the coming days and weeks.

Members who have upcoming sales to please let us know if there are any important amendments regarding your sale that potential buyers need to be aware of so this can be publicised to the wider Angus community (e.g. extended inspection times, sales interfaced online, increased hygiene practices, changes to catering practices).

We will continue to monitor the guidance issued by the Australian Government and medical authorities, and where necessary we will adjust our policies and plans as required.  We are also communicating regularly with our service providers in an endeavour to maintain continuity of all operations.

I suggest that members regularly monitor messages on the Angus Australia website and Angus eNews to remain informed of any necessary future changes to our arrangements and services in response to the COVID-19 situation.

On behalf of the team at Angus Australia I wish all members, your families and your staff the best of health, welfare and safety as we work together with our communities to manage through this challenge over the coming months.

We must all have confidence in the underlying strength of our industry. When this is over, we will bounce back stronger than ever.


Peter Parnell
Chief Executive Officer