Angus breeders connect with new MemberSELECT

September 13, 2017 1:02 pm


Following hot on the heels of the recent release of the Angus SaleSELECT™ tool, Angus Australia has expanded its range of selection tools with the launch of Angus MemberSELECT™. This tool allows cattle producers to quickly and easily find and connect to Angus breeders, to source genetics that are best suited to their individual enterprises.


An intuitive interface paired with simple search criteria such as a new map facility means that producers can effortlessly find and connect to Angus Australia members in their local region. While guests to MemberSELECT™ can search on herd ID, surname or stud prefix, a greater range of search criteria is available for registered users, who can find Angus members via additional attributes such as membership type, region, town, proximity, calving season, and herd size.

‘It provides a timely update that includes links to members’s websites and social media platforms’ said Lou Wood, Angus Australia Membership officer and commercial Angus cattle breeder. ‘I would encourage members to contact me to update their details, especially if they have added social media to their businesses.’

Libby Creek, President of Angus Australia, agrees. ‘I’m very impressed with the huge amount of information offered by the new Angus MemberSELECT™ tool’, she said. ‘While I understand that change can be daunting and many producers might be comfortable using the old search engine, I would urge all members to log on to these new tools, firstly to check their own membership details, but also then to take some time to look around at the added functionality. I’m sure that the benefits of using the new tool will repay the time spent in learning it.’

One benefit of switching to the new SELECT tools is access to the comprehensive online help that is available. A full education module, with short video demonstrations, has been developed for each of the SELECT tools to help breeders navigate the new systems. ‘The great thing about the online help is that it is available 24/7’ said Angus Australia Education Officer, Liz Roan. ‘Of course, if users need help in office hours, the staff here are always happy and ready to take their call. But some people like the new self-serve style of learning, and might prefer to work their way through the modules, watching the videos and reading the information on the web pages.’

 ‘So I’d encourage members to try the tools and please give us feedback. We’re very keen to hear from you.’