Angus cattle command high prices

January 5, 2016 4:19 pm

The offering on AuctionsPlus and the number of cattle being offered at saleyards throughout Australia may have dropped off, but that certainly has not lessened the demand that Angus and Angus cross cattle can command at auction.

The Eastern States AuctionsPlus Sale (30/10/15) once again proved to be a hot spot for Angus cattle.

Angus steers again made it over the magical 400c/kg mark when 65 Angus steers on account of Red Island Beef, Bundarra NSW finished the auction at 405c/kg.
The 231kg, 13 to 14 month old steers made $935 per head and were described by CL Squires assessor, Tom Oakes as, ‘Ideal steers to background for all feeder markets’.

27 feeder Angus steers, offered by I & K Smith, Inverell  NSW topped the market for steers over 350kg. The 378kg steers made 328c/kg or $1,240.

The unjoined heifer market reached a whopping 386c/kg for 20 Angus heifers, on account of Hazeldean P/L, Cooma NSW. Described as future breeders, the 389kg heifers made $1,500 per head.

The cow and calf offering was dominated by Angus cows and calves, with 447 units offered by PA & JA Wickman, making from $1,810 to $2,320, to average $2,083.

The top price of $2,320 was reached twice, by 35 Angus July/August 2012 drop cows with 38 Angus calves at foot and 51 July/August 2011 drop cows with 51 Angus calves at foot.

Also of note was the offering of 83 July/August 2013 drop Angus cows with 84 Angus calves at foot from the Wickman offering reaching a top of $2,200 for first calf heifers.

35 July/August 2012 drop cows with calves at foot topped Friday’s Eastern States AuctionsPlus sale at $2,320.

Calves at foot on the 51 July/August 2011 drop cows with calves that also reached top price of $2,320.


Other AuctionsPlus Results:

–   30 Angus cross Angus/Hereford feeders steers, 371kg, 11-14 months, on account of Cream Cattle

Company Pty Ltd, Carroll NSW, made 326c/kg or $1,210

–   54 PTIC Angus Yearling heifers, on account of EA Blake & Sons, Uralla NSW, made $1,540

–   26 PTIC Angus heifers, 24-26 months, on account of Baerami House, Denman NSW, made $1,520

The results out of the saleyards have backed up the demand on AuctionsPlus, with top prices also being achieved through live auctions.

Angus cows and calves topped the Forbes store cattle sale (NSW 23/10/15), when a line of 28 cows with calves made $1,880. The cows were rejoined to Angus bulls and offered by the Sincock Family, West Wyalong NSW.

Good pens of Angus steers made up to $905, with this price achieved by Pat and Janet Deeves, Condobolin NSW who offered 26, 8-9 months old Angus steers.

Other Forbes results:

–   22 Angus steers, 6-7 months, on account of Dale & Kath Curtis, Trundle NSW, made $860

–   13 Angus cows with calves at foot, on account of Allan Ryan, Condobolin NSW, made $1,440

The best price for cows and calves at the Wodonga store cattle sale (NSW 22/10/15), was achieved by 6 Angus cows and with their first calves, offered by Greg Robinson, Kyneton VIC.

Other Wodonga results:

–   24 Angus steers, 271kg, 6-7 months, on account of Dennis Pastoral, made 321c/kg or $870

–   10 Angus steers, 392kg, on account of Betoomba Angus, made 310c/kg or $1,214

–   6 Angus steers, 10-11 months, on account of Daniel O’Donohue, Wangaratta VIC, made $1,100

–   21, 2-3 year old Angus cows with calves, on account of Greg Robinson, Kyneton VIC, made $1,620

The Boyanup cattle sale (WA 20/10/15) saw Angus steers knocked down for the top price line of beef steers, at $1,375.

The 11 Angus steers offered by P & A Collins weighed 509kg and reached 270c/kg.

6 Angus heifers topped the heifer portion of the sale, when Youda Racing had their 445kg heifers make $1,184 or 266c/kg.

12 Angus steers on account of SH Fry & Sons, 240kg, made 326c/kg or $782.

Roma store cattle sale (QLD 27/10/15):

–   Angus cross steers, 159kg on account of R & S Hoolihan, Taroom QLD, made 338c/kg or $537

–   Angus cross steers, 268kg, on account of M & T Wales, Meandarra QLD, made 320c/kg or $860

–   Angus steers, 251kg, on account of A & Y Emery, Wallumbilla QLD, made 318c/kg or $798

–   Angus steers, 285kg, ao account of Ian Brumpton Holdings, Roma, QLD, made 316c/kg or $901

–   Angus cross heifers, 192kg on account of R & S Hoolihan, Taroom QLD, made 290c/kg or $558

Hamilton (VIC 23/10/15):

–    27 Angus steers, 406kg, on account of Muroa East, made 330c/kg or $1,339

–    29 Angus steers, 414kg, on account of Kilkenny, made 322c/kg or $1,333

–    22 Angus steer, 464kg, on account of Toora West, made 321c/kg or $1,492

–    23 Angus steers, 385kg, on account of Brandon, made 316c/kg or $1,216

–    20 Angus steers, 562kg, on account of Belmont Farms, made 304c/kg or $1,708

–    26 Angus heifers, 355kg, on account of Nanowie, made 292c/kg or $1,036

–    27 Angus cows, rising 4, on account of Glenlevitt, made $1,640

–    17 Angus cows, on account of Glenlevitt, made $1,620

Naracoorte (SA 22/10/15):

–   12 EU Angus steers, 446.3kg, on account of B Pitt, made $1437

–   15 Angus heifers, on account of Struan Research Centre, made the top price for heifers at $1,135

Muchea Cattle Sale (WA 19/10/15):

–    22 Angus vealer steers, 232kg on account of P & SC Dawe, North Dandalup, made 342c/kg or $793

–   17 Angus vealer heifers, 232kg on account of P & SC Dawe, North Dandalup, made 306c/kg or $710

–   15 Angus steers, 260kg, on account of Whitford Investments Pty Ltd, Gin Gin, made 319c/kg or $829

Great Southern, Mt Barker (WA 15/10/15):

–   16 Angus yearling steers, 302kg on account of BD & SJ Smith, made 328c/kg or $990

–   12 Angus weaner steers, 339kg , on account of MG & BF Stanbishop, made 318c/kg or $1,078

–   5 Angus cross weaner steers, 355kg, on account of Derna Estate made 311c/kg or $1,041

–   8 Angus yearling steers, 372kg on account of JD & PA McGregor, made 299c/kg or $1,112

–   8 Angus cows, on account of K & M Farming Trust, made $1,429

Top picture: First calf heifers made $2,200 in Friday’s Eastern States AuctionsPlus sale. Image courtesy of AuctionsPlus.