Angus dominates AuctionsPlus

January 6, 2016 2:56 pm

Seven categories in Friday’s Eastern States AuctionsPlus sale (11/12/15 were topped by Angus or Angus influenced cattle. Steers topped the market at 368c/kg, heifers at 333c/kg and cows and calves at $2,300.

A group of 79 mixed sex weaners, Angus cross Droughtmaster made 358c/kg or $705 per head. The 197kg weaners were 7-10 months old and offered by Bough Creek Grazing Co, Cunnamulla QLD. The 358c/kg price tag eclipsed the top price for both steers and heifers under 250kg.

50 Angus heifers topped the heifer market under 250kg when they finished the sale at 339c/kg. Making $820 per head, the 341kg, 14-16 month old heifers were offered by Red Island Beef, Bundarra NSW.

The heifers were described by assessor Tom Oakes as, ‘ An even line of vendor bred Angus heifers in healthy store condition on the do’. Well bred heifers that would background for the feeder market or run through for future breeders’.

Weaned Angus heifers topped the market for heifers 250-299kg, making 317c/kg. The 31 heifers, 271kg 9-10 months old were offered by M & T Gavel, Molong NSW and made $860 per head.

Steers in the 300-350kg market reached a top of 358c/kg.

Firstly, for 46 backgrounder (34 Angus & 12 Angus & Angus/Hereford cross) steers.

The 300kg steers, 14-15 months were offered on account of Gostwyck Partners, Uralla NSW and made $1,075.

Another 136 feeder steers (98 Angus and 38 Angus cross) steers also reached the top price of 358c/kg to make $1,160 per head.

The 324kg steers, 13-14 months were offered by Tonkin Farming, Mungindi NSW.

Heifers in the same weight range (300-350kg) were also topped by Angus cattle, with 69 feeder heifers making 333c/kg or $1,140 per head.

The 343kg heifers, 14-16 months old were offered by Coolie Angus, Merriwa NSW.

Angus steers came out on top in the market for steers over 350kg. 92 364kg, 16-17 month old steers offered by Ardenside Angus, Book Book NSW made 368c/kg or $1,338 per head.

Angus cows and calves continued their run of market topping prices on AuctionsPlus to again make top dollar at $2,300.

The 25 Angus cows, 3-3.5 years, with Angus calves at foot were offered by K & E Adams, Cudal NSW.

The cow and calf units were described by Ray White Emms Mooney assessor, Ben Redfern as, ‘ Front paddock cows that will suit any type of buyer. The cows have plenty of stretch, shape, frame and bone and the calves are solid and have great shape in them already’.

The cows have been re-joined to Angus bulls.

Other AuctionsPlus results:
–  49 backgrounder Angus steers, 309kg, 12-16 months, JF & DM McMeniman, Tenterfield NSW, made3520c/kg or 1,090
–  94 backgrounder Angus steers, 275kg, 12-13 months, Tonkin Farming, Mungindi NSW, made 380c/kg or $1,045
–  62 Angus steers, 363.9kg, 16-17 months, Ardenside Angus, Book Book NSW, made 351c/kg or $1,278
–  51 Angus heifers, 339.6kg, 16-17 months, Corunna & Co Pty Ltd, Inverell NSW, made 324c/kg or $1,100
–  31 Weaned Angus heifers, 271.2kg, 9-10 months, M & T Gavel, Molong NSW, made 317c/kg or $860
–  50 PTIC Angus heifers, 460.9kg, 16-18 months, Goodavale Angus, Hall ACT, made $1,470
–  31 Angus cows and calves (27 Angus cows, 4 Angus cross with Angus calves rejoined Angus Bull), 4-5 years, NM & SJ Cosier, Wellington NSW made $2,060
–  28 Angus cows and calves joined Angus Bulls, 5.2-6.3 years, K & E Adams, Cudal NSW made $2,120

The WA AuctionsPlus cattle sale (7/12/15) saw Angus cattle top 4 of the 5 categories on offer.

PTIC females made $2,025 for 9 PTIC Angus heifers, 20-22 months.  The heifers were offered on account of PW & SM Barnsby, Permberton WA.

Weaner steers made 327c/kg or $1,315 for 15 Angus steer vealers, 407kg, 8-10 months and also on account of PW & SM Barnsby, Permberton WA.

15 weaner Angus heifers, offered by G & N Bendotti, Pemberton WA topped the heifer market at 387c/kg or $1,380.

Slaughter cows made up to 410c/kg or $1,420 for 21 Angus cows, 630kg, offered by G & N Bendotti, Pemberton WA.

Angus cows and calves topped the AuctionsPlus market making $2,300

79 Angus cross Droughtmaster steers topped the market for steers less than 250kg, making 358c/kg

Pictured top: PTIC heifers made $2,025 in the WA AuctionsPlus Sale 7/11/15. Image courtesy of AuctionsPlus