Angus Feeder Steer AuctionsPlus Report 23 Aug

August 31, 2016 1:49 pm

Angus and Angus cross cattle came bounding out of the blocks last week in a special AuctionsPlus Feeder Cattle sale, Tues 23 Aug.

Angus and Angus cross steers made up an astounding 93% of all cattle sold, sending a clear message that the feeder market is continuing to signal their unrivalled demand for Angus genetics.

Cattle listed in this sale came from NSW, VIC and SA and most were offered on a forward contract basis for delivery September through to January, with a delivery weight specification of 380kg-500kg.

Prices ranged from 350c/kg – 390c/kg, to an average of 370c/kg liveweight. The twice-achieved top price, Angus steers from Forbes and Dunedoo NSW, were locked in for delivery in October and November.

The sale saw 12 feedlots pricing cattle and drew the keen eyes of a range of agents and producers looking for forward pricing indicators leading into spring.

With prices of 365c/kg achieved as far out as December, it still remains unclear when the usual spring price drop will occur – and indeed how significant the drop will be.



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Pictured top: 54 top priced Angus feeder steers, 435kg, from Dunedoo NSW, making $1697 (390c/kg) in the special AuctionsPlus Feeder Cattle sale 23 August. Photo courtesy of AuctionsPlus.