Angus female frenzy in saleyards

January 6, 2016 2:49 pm

Angus females were in hot demand around the saleyards, Australia wide in the past couple of weeks as restockers and processors alike, chased the quality Angus females on offer. Steers also continued their good run of prices.

A line of Angus steers weighing 230kg recorded the highest price of the day at the Wagga store cattle sale 8/12/15.

Angus females were the flavour of the month at the Euroa sale (VIC 4/12/15) with cows and calves topping at $2,000 and PTIC females at $1,900.

Kindi Park sold 7 Angus cow and calf units for the market top of $2,000.

78 Angus heifers on account of Connamarra Angus, made from $1,800-$1,900.

Other Euroa results:
–  10 Angus cows & calves, N&L Walters, made $1,800
–  85 PTIC Angus heifers, Goodhope Pastoral Co, made $1,500-$1,825
–  18 PTIC Angus heifers, J&H Wall, made $1,450
–  17 Angus heifers, J Stannard, made $1,080-$1,240
–  46 Angus heifers, Peppertrees Pastoral Co., Euroa, made $960-$1,060
–  102 Angus heifers. L Ryan, Pyalong VIC, made $740-$800

The monthly store cattle sale held by FOB Livestock in Sale VIC (04/12/15) saw Angus steers and heifers top the market.

RE Kuch, Perry Bridge VIC received the top price for steers, when his 41 Angus steers made between $1,390 and $1,480.

Pinora Farms sold 8 Angus heifers for a sale top of $1,040.

Other Sale results:

–  44 Angus steers, Rick Telling, made $1,020-$1,150

The latest Wodonga store cattle sale (3/12/15) saw Angus cattle top all categories.

The top rate for steer weaners was $1370 paid for 26 Angus steers offered by Yambla, returning 332c/kg.

A feature of the sale was the offering of 378 weaned Angus steers, making up to $1,180 for a line of 112 steers. The 376kg steers were offered on account of breeder Wayne Durnan, Morundah VIC.

The top price of $1,160 was paid for Angus heifers, 380kg, to return 305c/kg.

Cows and calves made up to $1,540 for one pen of 13 Angus cows with calves on account of Kym Bucholtz, Tallangatta Valley, VIC.

PTIC heifers were topped by 15 Angus heifers, 433kg making $1,200.

Other Wodonga results:
–  30 Angus steers, 354kg, Webb family, Tallangatta Valley, VIC made $1,200
–  11 Angus heifers, 453kg, Keogh Family, Mulwala VIC,  made $1,140

The best priced weaner steers made up to $1,240 per head at a specially convened sale at Casterton (VIC 3/12/15). The top price was made by 65 EU accredited Angus steers, 364kg, offered by the Maling Family, South Portland VIC.

A second pen of 78, 328kg made $1,100

Other Casterton results:
–  22 Angus steers, 324kg, J & P Tait, Retreat VIC, made 367c/kg or $1,190
–  16 Angus cross steers, 293kg, J & P Tait, Retreat VIC, made 365c/kg or $1,070
–  21 Angus steers, 308kg, J & P Tait, Retreat VIC, made 347c/kg or $1,070
–  28 Angus steers, 341kg, J & P Tait, Retreat VIC, made 337c/kg or $1,150
–  23 Angus heifers, 242kg, Castledale Pastoral, made 330c/kg or $800

Other results around Australia:

Leongatha (VIC 10/12/15):
–  45 yearling Angus steers, Thimms Hotel, Callignee VIC, made from $1320-$1505,

Roma (8/12/15):
–  Angus cross PTIC heifers, made $1,220
–  Angus cross steers, 310kg,  Flower Family, Roma QLD< made 360c/kg or $1,118
–  Angus cross steers, 383kg, W & K Brown, Roma QLD, made 340c/kg or $1,303

Dubbo store cattle sale (4/12/15):
–  20 Angus cross steers, 8-10 months, Harold Thompson, made $1,060
–  37 Angus steers, 12 months, David Wiseby, Mudgee NSW, made $1,000
–  22 Angus weaner steers, 4 -7 months, Keicha Pty Ltd, Dubbo NSW, $930
–  16 Angus cross heifers, 10-12 months, Paul Cauchi, Moriguy, NSW, made $976
–  10 Angus cows and calves, Haddon Rig, Warren, made $1,920
–  110 Angus second calvers PTIC to Angus bulls, Haddon Rig, Warren, made $1,750

Pakenham (VIC 3/12/15):
–  6 Angus steers, 565kg P Williams, Lysterfield VIC, made $1,645
–  6 Angus steers, 565kg R Thompson French Island VIC, made $1,645
–  Angus steers, 344kg, Canoola, Beveridge VIC, topped at $1,170, averaged $1,065
–  Angus heifers, 301kg, Canoola, Beveridge VIC, topped at $1,020, averaged $849

Pictured above: Wayne and AJ Durnan, Widgiewa Station, Morundah, with a selection of the offering of 378 Angus steers, just weaned which sold to top $1180. Image courtesy of The Land