Angus go off with a bang at SA weaner sales

January 6, 2016 9:26 am

The first of the weaner sales in South Australia may have been a month earlier than usual due to the season, but rainfall in the north and heavy competition from interstate buyers saw prices at the Naracoorte weaner sale exceed expectations.

Leading the market at both the steer sale and the heifer sale were the strong lines of quality Angus steers and heifers on offer.

The steer offering on Thursday the 4th of November saw Angus weaner steers weighing 290kg to 340kg consistently sold at 330c/kg to 345c/kg.

Fisher Clover Ridge Pastoral, Marcollat SA topped the c/kg sales with their 56 Angus steers making $3.60c/kg. The 262kg steers made $943 per head.

PJ Cattle Co, Edenhope VIC received the top price per head for 6 Angus steers knocked down for $1260.90.

224 Angus steers on account of Weeroona, Keith SA, topped at $3.56/kg and averaged $1,071 per head.

The annual draft of Angus and Angus cross calves offered by S & R DiGiorgio & Sons, Lucindale SA were well up on their 2014 average of $590 when the 259 steers offered averaged $997.

Other sales:
– 100 young Angus calves, on account of Munga Developments, Frances SA, made $1,025
– 134 EU Angus, on account of PW & KM Bryson, Keppoch SA, made $1,250, average $1,120
– 181 EU Angus, on account of Box Hill Angus, Avenue Range SA, made $1,153, average $983
– 67 Angus, on account of Biggin Hill Trust, Naracoorte SA, made $1,193, average $1,106
– 22 Angus and Angus cross steers, RA & MJ Jones, Lochaber SA, made $1,042

Heifers were offered on Friday (05/11/15) and despite a smaller crowd in attendance the prices by no means reflected this, with the tops of the heifers making only a few cents less than the best of the steers when they topped at $3.57/kg.

It was two pens of outstanding 46 March/April 2015 drop Angus heifers, 328kg and 316kg offered by Biggan Hill Trust, Lochaber SA that topped the sale at $3.57/kg, when they made $1,173 and $1,128 respectively.


Angus heifers offered by Biggan Hill Trust made top price for heifers. Image courtesy of Catherine Miller, Stock Journal.

The complete dispersal draft of EU accredited heifers offered by Box Hill, Avenue Range SA had buyers in a frenzy with the first five pens (106 heifers) selling for between $3.30-$3.32/kg for the 260kg to 300kg heifers.

All up the 179 March/April 2015 drop heifers topped at $1,002 to average $850.

Other sales:
– 299 Angus heifers, February/March drop, on account of S & R DiGiorgio & Sons, Lucindale SA, averaged $791. Top of the offering, 271kg made $3.24/kg or $878
– 13 Angus heifers, 337kg, on account of PG McCallum Farm Trust, Stewarts Range SA, made $3.25/kg or $1,095

At the annual Johnson family’s Amherst-Wittalocka- Moville weaner sale 2014 prices were obliterated with steers averaging $937 and heifers $827.

The sales top price of $1,145 or $3.48/kg was paid for Pasturefed Cattle Assurance System (PCAS) accredited Angus steers, 329kg.

The top price for heifers paid was $3.56 or $1,040 for 46 of the Johnson’s EU and PCAS Angus heifers, 292kg.

Guest vendor results:
– 27 Angus steers, 352kg, on account of Bergan Park, SA, made $3.18/kg or $1,120
– 189 PCAS Angus steers, on account of Yardookra, Willalooka SA, topped at $1,030 to average $925

Pictured top: Fisher Clover Ridge Pastoral, Marcollat SA received the top price steers for their Angus steers. Image courtesy of Catherine Miller, Stock Journal.