Angus premium continues on AuctionsPlus

January 6, 2016 11:12 am

Premium prices continue to be paid for Angus and Angus influenced cattle on AuctionsPlus, topping 9 of the categories on offer. Angus steers are still pushing beyond the 400c/kg mark with heifers also reaching this milestone in Friday’s Eastern States AuctionsPlus Sale (20/11/15).

Angus steers topped the steer market with 28 unweaned steers on account of Kram Pastoral Co, Goulburn NSW making 403c/kg or $775 per head. The steers were 192kg and 3-4 months old.

The same vendor offered the Angus heifers under 250kg to top the heifer portion of the sale at 403c/kg. The 25 unweaned Angus heifers were 187kg and 3-4 months old and made $755 per head.

Weaned Angus steers on account of RM & PL Wright, Walcha NSW made 401c/kg or $1,169 per head.

The 73 EU accredited, 9 to 10 month old steers weighed 291kg and were described by Landmark assessor Miles Archdale as steers ‘in good fresh condition and would be ideal to grow out to EU feeder or trade kill markets’.

22 yearling Angus and Angus cross steers made 364c/kg or $1,180 to top the category for steers 300-350kg.

The 325kg steers, were 15-16 months old and offered by AJ & PA Sewell, Armidale NSW.

The 350-400kg steer market reached a top price of 360c/kg for 87 backgrounder Angus steers, on account of Island Crossing Partnership, Greg Greg NSW. The 350kg steers were 13-14 months old and made $1,260 per head.

370c/kg was the top price paid for heifers in the 300-350kg weight range. This top price was made by 50 Angus heifers on account of AL & J Ham, Niangala NSW.

The 15-16 month old heifers were 335kg and described as ‘future breeders, in fresh forward store condition ready to join to your preferred sire’, by Ry White assessor Blake O’Reilly.

Angus heifers on account of Valley Park Grazing Co, Glen Innes NSW topped the market for heifers over 350kg.

The 91 unjoined 14-16 months old heifers were 381kg and finished the sale at 321c/kg or $1,225.

Elders assessor Geoff Hayes described the young females as ‘ A very nice line of Angus heifers ideal to join or fatten on grass’.

Cow and calf units topped the sale at $2,200, when 22 Angus cows with Angus calves at foot had hit this mark at the close of sale. The cows offered by NM & SJ Cosier, Wellington NSW were 48-54 months of age and on their 3rd calves.

$2,020 was the top price paid for 24 PTIC Angus heifers. The 16-17 month old females were offered by CW Hall & Co, Penola SA.

Other AuctionsPlus results:
– 100 backgrounder Angus steers, 290kg, 8-10 months, Hinman Pastoral Company, Coolah NSW, made

  388c/kg or $1,125
– 95 Angus steers, 348kg, 13-14 months, GBK & DR Daniel, Tumbarumba NSW, made 362c/kg or $1,265
– 90 Angus steers, 338kg, 13-14 months, GBK & DR Daniel, Tumbarumba NSW, made 360c/kg or $1,216
– 91 yearling Angus steers, 323kg, 12-15 months, Throwley Station, Jeerys Plains NSW, made 358c/kg

  or $1,155
– 22 backgrounder Angus cross Brangus steers, 320kg, 12-14 months, MD & MS Paterson, Texas QLD,

  made 348c/kg or $1,115

– 60 feeder Angus steers, 422kg, 13-14 months, RG & EL Sullivan Molong NSW, made 329c/kg or $1,390

– 144 Angus heifers, 214kg, 13-14 months, Ardenside Angus, Tumbarumba NSW , made 342c/kg or

  $1,075 to gross $154,800
– 34 Angus (25) and Angus cross (9) heifers, 251kg, 8-12 months, S Galloway, Goondiwindi QLD, made

  339c/kg or $850
– 40 Angus heifers, 289kg, 14-15 months, Arnold Ham, Niangala NSW, made 338c/kg or $980
– 72 Angus heifers, 314kg, 13-14 months, Ardenside Angus Pty Ltd, Tumbarumba NSW , made 326c/kg or

– 8 Angus cows with Angus calves at foot, 48-54 months, NM & SJ Cosier, Wellington NSW, made $2,100
– 12 Angus cows with Angus calves at foot, 37-38 months, P & M Sands, Cooma NSW, made $2,090
– 10 Angus cows with Angus calves at foot, 37-38 months, P & M Sands, Cooma NSW, made $2,030
– 38 Angus cows with Angus calves at foot, 4-7 years, C & K Hoppe Partnership, Deepwater NSW, made $1,860

73 weaned Angus steers made 401c/kg to top the steers 250-300kg

50 Angus heifers made 370c/kg to top the heifers 300-350kg

22 Angus cows 4-5 years made $2,200

24 PTIC Angus heifers 16-17 months made $2,020.

Pictured top: 91 unjoined 14-16 months old heifers, 381kg made 321c/kg or $1,225. Image courtesy of AuctionsPlus.