Angus premiums in saleyards

January 6, 2016 9:28 am

Angus and Angus cross cattle are continuing to dominate the markets with top prices and more importantly, consistent prices being achieved across the board around the country. Recent rainfalls have seen a boost in prices being paid for cattle, with the saleyard prices reflecting this.

Angus heifers reached a record price at the Wagga Wagga cattle sale (NSW 09/11/15), with restockers paying 361c/kg for the 269kg heifers to make $972 per head.

Angus steers were paid premium prices reaching a top of 350c/kg and averaging 319c/kg.

Angus steers and heifers were the order of the day at Strathalbyn (SA 06/11/15) topping the sale for both categories.

17 Angus steers, March 2015 drop, 26gkg, sold by Argat Pty Ltd, Kangaroo Island, were knocked down for 382c/kg or $1,020.

While Angus heifers topped the sale at 379c/kg or $940 for 20 March/April 2015 drop heifers, 248kg on account of RL & GK Willing, Myponga SA.

PTIC cows made to $1,310 for a pen of 4 Angus cows offered by Tim Henry, Echunga, SA.

Competition was strong at the FOB Livestock monthly store cattle sale in Sale (VIC 06/11/15), with Angus cattle making a clean sweep of the top prices.

Angus steers topped the competition with Paul Kenny, offering the first half of his annual draft of Angus 14-16-month-old steers that sold to $1450.

The heifer market reached a height of $1,000, with the top price being paid for yearling Angus heifers on account of Danny Kuch, Darriman VIC.

Cows and calves made to $1,780 for 7 Angus heifers and calves, yarded by GR&TE Coleman & Sons, Llowalong VIC.

Other Sale results:
– Pen of 18-month-old Angus steers, 561kg, on account of B Reid, Heyfield, VIC made $1400 each
– 15 Angus steers, 16 months on account of Andrew and Alison Missen, Gormandale VIC, made $1,290
– 10 month old Angus steers, on account of Denise Willox, Blairgowrie VIC, made $980
– 8-10 month old Angus heifers, on account of Elaine Wellings, Valencia Creek VIC, made $740

The Pakenham store cattle sale (VIC 05/11/15) saw cows and calves realise a top of $1,960. This prices was paid for 8 Angus cows. Offered by DS King, Flynn VIC.

Other Pakenham results:
– 12 Angus steers, 2 years, on account of G Stewart, Launching Place VIC, made $1,360
– 30 Angus steers, on account of Piano Hill, Drouin West VIC, made $800-$1,160
– Large line of Angus heifers, 281-332kg, on account of Happy Valley Pastoral, Tonimbuk VIC, made $785-$1,005

The Mt Pleasant market (SA 05/11/15) saw cows and calves top the sale at $1,460 per head for a pen of 6 Angus cross Hereford cows joined to an Angus bull and offered by S Owens, Eden Valley SA.

A top of $1,420 for pens of steers was paid for 11 Angus steers on account of SR & JL Jackson, Mount Torrens SA.

Angus cross steers, offered by T Dawes, Roma QLD topped the feeder steer market, 400-550kg, at the Roma store sale (QLD 03/11/15). The
481kg steers made 321c/kg or $1,546.

R & M Rowbotham, Roma QLD sold 388kg Angus Cross heifers to 311c/kg or $1,546.

The monthly Warrnambool store cattle sale (VIC 30/10/15) saw Angus steers and heifers and cows had a clean sweep to reach top of the market.
Wuulibah, Hawksdale VIC received 326c/kg for a pen of 31 Angus steers, 329kg, to make $1,072 per head.

16 Angus heifers, 407kg, offered by GJ & CL Dyson, Yambuk VIC, topped the heifer market at 284c/kg.

While 18 Angus cow and calf units topped the sale at $1,500 on account of MK Webster, Willatook VIC.

Other Warnambool results:
– 28 Angus steers, 12-13 months, 346kg, on account of Wuulibah, Hawksdale VIC, made 322c/kg or $1,114
– 12 Angus steers, 345kg, on account of Woofvale, made 315c/kg or $1,086
– 13 Angus steers, 324kg, on account of JH & D Werchon, made 315c/kg or $1,020

Angus steers topped the steer market at the Leongatha store cattle sale (VIC 29/10/15) at $1,410 per head. The pen of 8, 490kg liveweight steers were offered by Backline Pty Ltd, Fish Creek VIC.

G&H Little weren’t far behind with their 9 Angus steers, 480kg making $1,410.

Angus cross Friesian cows topped the cow and calf market at $1,690.

While C McLennan, Woodside VIC sold 14 Angus heifers up to 490kg to return $1,080.

The Western Australian market has seen a lift in cattle prices across the board with Angus and Angus cross steers and heifers getting above the 300c/kg mark.

At the Boyanup sale (27/10/15), the vealer market (280kg-330kg) for both steers and heifers was topped by Angus cattle offered by Springhills Estate.

13 Angus steers, 318kg made 330c/kg or $1,050. While the 10 Angus heifers, 319kg, made 305c/kg or $974.

11 Angus steer vealers, offered by ARW Nominees, 323kg, made 314c/kg or $1,016.

10 Angus steers on account of Rivervale Pastoral Co, sold for 312c/kg or $1,119

JY Payne offered 6 Angus cross steers, 388kg, that made 310c/kg or $1,204.

While 16 Angus steers vealears, offered by MJ & CM Craigie, made 308c/kg or $1,030.

Other Boynaup results:
– 9 Angus cross heifers, 406kg, on account of LR Hayes & Co, made 278c/kg or $1,131
– 17 Angus heifers, 393kg, on account of AD & H Jenkins, made 292c/kg or $1,148

The Mt Barker sale (22/10/15) 7 pens of Angus and Angus cross steers made in excess of 300c/kg.

Blendon Downs offered 13, 342kg Angus cross yearling steers that were knocked down for 314c/kg or $1,073.

314c/kg was also paid for 18 Angus weaner steers, on account of DK Smart & MA Male, making $1,042 per head for their 332kg steers.

NJ & MJ Skinner received 301c/kg or $1,089 for their 5 Angus yearling steers, 362kg.

18 Angus yearling steers, 399kg on account of BS & DG Auld & Co., were sold for 311c/kg or $1,241.

7 Angus weaner steers also made 311c/kg. The392kg steers were offered by Willawayup Farms made $1,219 per head.

8 Angus cross weaners, 285kg on account of D & W Elphick made 310c/kg or $880.

Back on the east coast, at Yea (VIC 23/10/15), steers sold to a top of $1,290 for 17 heavy Angus steers, offered by Bev Dick, Lindisfarne VIC.

A pen of Angus cross steers topped the market at the Casterton store cattle sale, when Baroonah saw their 463kg steers knocked down for $1,270.

While a pen of Angus cross Santa steers,388kg made $1,240.

Other results around Australia:

Colac (VIC 06/11/15):
– 28 Angus heifers, 281kg, on account of John, Fiona and Jack Howell, Bambra, made $920
– 49 Angus steers, 315kg, on account of John, Fiona and Jack Howell, Bambra, made $1090 or 346c/kg

Wangaratta (VIC 06/11/15):
– 8 Angus steers, 396kg, on account of KD & BJ Simmonds, made $1,290
– 13 Angus heifers, 376kg, on account of KD & BJ Simmonds, made $1,100

Bairnsdale (VIC 23/10/15):
– 12-14 months old Angus steers, 444kg, on account of Dennis & Rosalie Stringer, Forge Creek VIC, made $1,450 to average $1,430

Pictured above: Briagolong’s Denise Willox, Maffra’s Jen Ribolli and Valencia Creek’s Elaine Wellings at last Friday’s store cattle sale at Sale. Ms Willox sold 10mo Angus steers at $980 and Ms Wellings sold 8-10mo Angus heifers to $740. Image courtesy of Stock Journal