Angus Saleyard Report 14 Mar

March 16, 2016 2:37 pm

The laneways were packed at the opening autumn store sale on Friday 4 Mar, at Sale, in their new selling centre. There were many annual weaner drafts in the sale and buyers from South Gippsland bought many to restock after recently selling bullocks. To read more CLICK HERE

The first of the Tasmanian weaner sale was held last Thursday, 3 Mar with 3000 British bred weaners were offered. A smaller contingent of mainland buyers attended the sale Gunnedah, Dubbo, Walgett and the Albury/Wodonga regions. Major vendor for the sale were Wallaroo, who cleared 115 Angus steers at $893/head and 71 Angus heifers, average $689. To read more CLICK HERE

Wangaratta store sale 4 Mar yarded about 800 head, which was about 200 more than advertised. This increase was largely weather-driven, with the hot weather tightening the season. To read more CLICK HERE

Wagga sale 7 Mar: Market loses some heat. To read more CLICK HERE

Steers and heifers sold very well at the monthly Echuca store sale 8 Mar with strong buying competition from local feedlots as well as north-east Victorian restockers. Angus steers made up to $1100 with lighter Angus weaners selling very well. To read more CLICK HERE

Rome store sale 9 Mar: PTIC cows to $1,275. To read more CLICK HERE

Dubbo Sale 10 Mar: Far western cattle dominate yarding. To read more CLICK HERE

PRICES held at Wodonga’s store cattle sale 11 Mar despite 900 more head offered than advertised. These numbers have ramped up due to hotter seasonal conditions and despite this increase in number the market held up well. The top price of the day was paid for Mundoora Farming’s line of 18 Angus heifers, 2 years, 509kg, with calves at foot, which sold for $2000. To read more CLICK HERE

Prices were strong at Yea’s store cattle sale this week 11 Mar with small winter-drop weaner steers continuing good form from previous sales topping at $1100 for a pen of 15 Angus from Killara Pastoral at Boort. To read more CLICK HERE

Pictured top: Angus weaners at Pakenham sale 4 Mar