Angus steers and heifers trump 2016 Sydney Royal Beef Challenge

June 29, 2016 2:36 pm

Angus steers and heifers have trumped the field in this year’s Sydney Royal Beef Challenge. Monday 27 June saw around 50 producers and industry representatives brave the mud and the rain to converge on the MacCue family’s Wilga Feedlot, Bellata NSW for the live assessment spectacle and Average Daily Gain (ADG) judging Open Day.


The feedlot based challenge sees steers and heifers entered in either a 70 days on feed Domestic category or 100 days on feed Export category. Entries are judged as pens and as individuals.


This year, Angus steers and heifers took out 6 of the top 10 placing in both the 70 day Domestic and 100 day Export categories for ADG, proving to be the breed of choice when you’re chasing performance in the feedlot.


The live assessment judging, by Bryce Camm of Wonga Plains Feedlot, Dalby QLD and Andrew Herbert of Gundamain Feedlot, Eugowra NSW was a challenging task with the added layer of feedlot mud, however Angus and Angus cross steers again made their presence felt taking out 3rd place in both the Domestic and Export pen categories and 1st, 3rd and 4th places in the individual animal Export category.


After considerable success in last year’s competition, Ben and Wendy Mayne from Texas Angus, Warialda NSW have remained true to form, taking out a swag of accolades in this year’s competition so far.


In the Domestic category for ADG, Texas Angus dominated the field, taking out 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 8th places with their Angus steers and heifers and 3rd in the live assessment judging. Their success also continued in the Export category for ADG, securing 1st, 5th and 9th places.
“We saw this competition as an opportunity to test our cattle against other pure bred and cross bred cattle and validate and backup our claims of producing high performing cattle” says Ben Mayne.


“This is our second year in the RAS Beef Challenge and we are very happy with our results and to see our pure bred Angus steers and heifers performing so well, especially when they were competing against crosses with the added advantage of hybrid vigour”, says Wendy Mayne.


Dobikin Past Co have also performed well with their Angus and Angus cross steers and heifers taking out 1st and 4th places in the individual animal Export category, 7th in the Domestic ADG category and 4th in the Export ADG category.


Angus Results


Domestic Pen 3rd Texas Angus steers
Export Pen 3rd Dobikin Past Co Angus steers
Export Individual 1st Dobikin Past Co Angus steer
3rd Trambus Pty Ltd Angus cross steer
4th Dobikin Past Co Angus steer



Domestic Pen 1st Texas Angus heifers 2.58kg/day
2nd Texas Angus heifers 2.33kg/day
3rd Texas Angus steers 2.30kg/day
4th Texas Angus heifers 2.12kg/day
7th Dobikin Past Co Angus cross heifers 1.99kg/day
8th Texas Angus steers 1.98kg/day
Export Pen 1st Texas Angus steers 1.96kg/day
3rd AV & LM Doolan Angus steers 1.87kg/day
4th Dobikin Past Co Angus steers 1.85kg/day
5th Texas Angus steers 1.84kg/day
8th Crown State Meat Co Angus steers 1.80kg/day
9th Texas Angus steers 1.80kg/day

Pictured top, left to right: Judy Mayne, Ben Mayne, Wendy Mayne, Michael MacCue (Wilga Feedlot), Rosie Mayne, Bill Mayne and Ben Hiscox (BJ Agencies)