Angus steers make 400c

December 10, 2015 2:37 pm

In a continuation of last weeks’ trend, Angus cattle have continued to reach top prices at auction. The highlights have once again come from AuctionsPlus, where Angus steers and heifers topped a number of markets in last Friday’s Eastern States Sale.

44 Angus steers, 11-12 months old were the heaviest line of steers so far to reach the 400c/kg mark or $1,205, to top the weight range for steers 300kg – 350kg.

Bred by AH & NA Evans, Walgett NSW, these 301kg steers were described by assessor Chris Clemson of Clemson and Hiscox & Co as ‘an excellenty quality line of one mark breeder steers with a proven reputation for performance across many feedlots and abbatoirs around the country’.

54 Angus steers bred by Oonooba Partnership, Bellata, NSW made the top price for steers over 350kg when they were knocked down for 363c/kg or $1,400. The 12-15 month old steers came in at 386kg.

In the heifer market 65 weaned Angus heifers 10-12 months old  topped the heifer offering when they made 372c/kg or $1,160. These heifers were offered by C & K Meyn, Westbrook NSW.

The weekly Bairnsdale Store Cattle Sale again saw Angus cows with calves at foot top the cow and calf market to make $1,720.

At last Friday’s Yea monthly store sale, the gap between steer and heifer prices was narrowed when a line of 50 Angus heifers offered by Yenken Pastoral, Mansfield VIC, topped the heifer market at $1,100.

Other results from Yea saw a pen of 20 Angus steers, 18 months old and yarded by PRJ Roberts Trawool VIC, make $1,560, while 50 weaner Angus steers from Berdue Pastoral reached $1,100.

In the cow and calf offering, C & M Oliver sold mixed age Angus cows with 4-6 week old Angus calves at foot for $1,680.

The Roma store cattle sale on the 8th of September saw Angus cross steers yarded by P & A Ahern from Surat QLD reach 334c/kg for 335kg to return $1119.

While the Doug Cameron Livestock Trust, Charleville QLD offered Angus cross heifers that reached 310c/kg for 296kg to return $920.

Image Above: Some of the Angus steers that reached 400c/kg in the Eastern States AuctionsPlus sale on the 11th September 2015. Image courtesy of AuctionsPlus.