Angus steers make 438c/kg on AuctionsPlus

December 14, 2015 2:19 pm

Angus and Angus cross cattle are continuing to make their mark on AuctionsPlus and in the saleyards and proving that the money is still there for the right article.

Friday’s Eastern States AuctionsPlus Sale (16/10/15) saw Angus steers reach an incredible 438c/kg.

The 160 Angus light weaned Angus steers were offered by Romald Cattle Co, Hannford QLD.

At 194kg the steers made $855 and were described by Grant, Daniel & Long assessor, Alex Patterson as, ‘A very well bred line of EU accredited Angus steers’.

The same vendor offered 126 weaned Angus heifers, that topped the market for heifers under 250kg to reach 297c/kg or $530.

55 yearling Angus (49) and Angus cross (6) steers topped the 250-300kg market. On account of Gostwyck Partners, Uralla NSW, the 298kg steers made 345c/kg or $1,030.

Young cows and calves reached a top of $1,870 for 21 Angus cows and 22 calves. The three year old cows were offered by P & H Jervois, Bungowannah NSW.

Older cows with calves made up to $1,975, for 27 Angus cows and calves on account of The Cascade Pastoral Co, Tallangatta Valley VIC.

Other AuctionsPlus results:
– 152 Angus steers, 12-13 months, 308kg, made 310c/kg ($950), on account of RB & JA Crawford, Reids Flat NSW
– 26 Angus cross steers, 5-6 months, 242kg, made 343c/kg $830), on account of Benwerrin Pastoral Co, Tumut NSW.
– 52 PTIC Angus heifers, made $1,200, on account of Smiths Pastoral Pty Ltd, Glen Davis NSW

The Roma store cattle sale 13/10/15 saw weaner steers under 220kg top at 324c/kg.

The top price was reached by 205kg Angus steers from Bracco Cattle Company, Roma, to return $665.

The same vendor sold 234kg Angus heifers for 276c/kg (2c/kg below the top price) to return $648.

Other Roma results:
– Angus steers, 276kg, made 312c/kg ($863), on account of M & M Henricks, Roma
– Angus heifers, 265kg, made 276c/kg ($731), on account of M & M Henricks, Roma

Angus steers and heifers remained hot property at the Wodonga store cattle sale 08/10/15, with Trevor Parker, of Corcoran Parker noting that ‘ the best lines of Angus steers suitable for live export made the top money’.

A pen of Angus steers, offered by Jamie Willimas, Norong VIC made 340c/kg.

Bowran Pastoral Co, Tallangatta South VIC sold a pen of Angus steers, 312kg for 346c/kg or $1,080.

The same vendor featured in the heifer portion of the sale, selling their 291kg Angus heifers for 289c/kg or $842.

The top price per head for steers of $1,400 (304c/kg) was paid for a pen of 16 Angus steers, 460kg, offered by Alan Scott, Tocumwal VIC.

Angus cows and calves topped the market, with 30 second calvers with calves at foot, offered by M & M Ryan, Kilmore making $1,820.

The Euroa, VIC store cattle sale 07/10/15 also saw Angus cattle reach some top prices, with 13 Angus steers, 373kg on account of Lachlan Downs making top money at 332c/kg or $1,240.

Angus cows and calves topped the cow and calf market when a pen of 14 cows and 15 calves, offered by the Byrne Family were knocked down for $1,600.

Other results around Australia:

Gloucester NSW 08/10/15 –
– Angus yearling steers made $1,080 on account of JB & FM Kempers, Killabakh NSW.

Boyanup WA 06/10/15 –
– 15 Angus steer vealers, 281kg, made 340c/kg ($954), on account of MT Ferguson Grazing.

Muchea WA 05/10/15 –
– 13 Angus steers, 212kg topped the market at 381c/kg ($808), on account of Tenilba Park, Bakers Hill
– 9 Angus steers, 354kg, made 325c/kg ($1,152), on account of EA & KE Barham, Boddington WA

Image above: Young cows made a top price of $1,870 for 3 year old Angus cows & calves in Friday’s Eastern States AuctionsPlus sale. Image courtesy of AuctionsPlus.