Angus success Southern Grassfed Classic

January 6, 2016 10:30 am

Reserve Champion Carcase has been awarded to an Angus steer at the 2015 Southern Grassfed Carcase Classic.

The commercially-orientated competition, held at Teys Australia between October 12 and 23, attracted 160 entries from the South East, Western VIC and Yorke Peninsula.

Less than a point split the top three entries, which were judged on three main criteria: market specifications, saleable meat yield and MSA eating quality.

Ben and Samantha Glatz, Glatz’s Black Angus, Avenue Range SA, won reserve champion carcase with a May 2014-drop steer.

The winner of class 3 had a carcaseweight of 255.4kg and an eye muscle area of 78sqcm.

Mr Glatz said they were thrilled to win two classes and also receive a third and fourth place in the competition.

All of the animals were “in the slot” for ideal fat cover, low pH and MSA eating quality.

“The competition has been a fantastic endorsement for our brand,” Mr Glatz said.

“We can relate this back to our long-term scrutiny of docility which contributes to the low pH and general eating quality, and emphasis on carcase quality, doing ability, constitution and finishing ability.”

Glatz’s Black Angus stud’s carcase success adds to the success of its clients in the past two years, with PJ&P Holmes, Drik Drik, Vic, winning the grand champion carcase last year, and the Smith family, Joanna, securing the champion schools steer in 2013.


  • Reserve Champion carcase
  • Galtz’s Black Angus, Avenue Range 87.27 (Angus)
  • Highest eating quality
  • RB & SE Giles, Avenue Range – 39,61/45 and 64,61 MSA Index points (Angus)
  • Class 3 – Single trade steer or heifer (0 – 2 tooth) 180 – 260kg
  • 1 Glatz’s Black Angus – 87.27 (Angus)
  • Class 4 – Single trade steer or heifer (0-2 tooth) 261- 340kg
  • Glatz’s Black Angus 86.29 (Angus)


Pictured above: Ben Glatz receiving the Reserve Champion Carcase award from Teys Australia Representative Jake Phillips.

Excerpt and image courtesy of Catherine Miller Stock Journal.