Angus the forefront of AuctionsPlus demand

January 19, 2016 12:06 pm

A notable improvement on the previous weeks AuctionsPlus Eastern States Friday sale (15/01/16) for both numbers and prices across the board

–  Steers less than 250kg made 380c to 456c averaging 413c
–  Heifers less than 250kg made 323c to 402c averaging 355c
–  Steers 250-300kg made 345c to 386c averaging 368c
–  Heifers 250-300kg made 293c to 347c averaging 327c
–  Steers 300-350kg made 336c to 357c averaging 347c
–  Heifers 300-350kg made 300c to 324c, averaging 310c
–  Steers over 350kg made from 299c to 344, averaging 325c
–  Heifers over 350kg made from 288c to 325c, averaging 314

24 Unweaned Angus steers, account J & S Nader, Merriwa, NSW topped the 250-300kg steers market, reaching 386c/kg or $1140/hd. These 8-10 month old steers were 295kg.

Steers 300-350kg reached a top of 361c/kg with 31 Angus steers account Villa Brae Pastoral Co, Ruffy VIC weighing 319kg taking the top honour in this category.

AuctionsPlus assessor Ryan Sargeant quotes ‘These steers have the softness, shape and quality to either grow into A1 bullocks or turn out as feeder steers come Winter/Spring this year. I have no issues in recommending these cattle to any concerning buyer, significant breeding influences are evident in these steers.’

Villa Brae Pastoral Co also sold 23 weaner Angus steers, 10-11 months, 359kg, making 336c/kg or $1205/hd

A substantial line of 270 Angus feeder steers from Ardenside Angus Pty Ltd topped the 350+kg portion of the sale with 344c/kg or $1250/hd for 363kg steers. ‘These are very good quality steers, with a medium frame from a renowned Angus herd’ quotes AuctionsPlus assessor Bob Russ.

67 Angus heifers from Carawatha Pastoral Co, Guyra NSW topped the sale for the 300-350kg allotment grasping 324c/kg or $1100/hd. These 16-17 month old heifers weighed 340kg.

Other top heifer quotes:
–  39 weaner Angus heifers, 8-9 months, 184kg, RIFA Salutary Aust Pty Ltd, Penshurst VIC made 360c/kg or $665/hd
–  112 feeders Angus heifers, 15-17 months, 382kg, Valley Park Grazing Co, Glen Innes NSW made 322c/kg or $1230/hd
–  33 Angus heifers, 15-18 months, 362kg, Sydney University, Narrabri NSW made 315c/kg or $1140/hd
–  55 PTIC Angus heifers, 16-18 months, 393kg, LE & BL Kelly, Barraba NSW made $1930/hd
–  24 PTCI Angus heifers, 21-22months, 555kg, Boonaroo Pty Ltd, Casterton VIC made $1840/hd
–  72 PTIC heifers, 20-40 months, 348kg, Camm Ag Group, Bowenville QLD made $1300/hd

Cows and calves numbers increased and so did their prices this week with strong restocker competition.

34 Angus cows and calves topped the sale with a whopping $2770/unit. Offered by Balagna Partnership, Glen Innes, these 5 year old cows with 4-6 month old steer calves at foot were described by Landmark assessor Brad Newsome as ‘true to type Angus with the cows doing a great job of these calves’

Other top cow & calf quotes:
–  63 Angus cows & calves, 5-6 years cows with 6-8 month calves at foot, CJ Taylor, Inverell NSW made $2740/unit
–  40 Angus cows & calves, 5 year cows with 4-6 month calves at foot, Balagna Partnership, Inverell NSW made $2700/unit
–  24 Angus cows & calves, 2-3 years cows with 2-3 month calves at foot, I & H Lea, Barraba NSW made $2400/unit
–  27 Angus cows & calves, 4-6 years cows with 4-6 month calves at foot, Balagna Partnership, Inverell NSW made $2350/unit
–  23 Angus cows & calves, 2-3 years cows with 2-6 month calves at foot, SP Agriculture Co Pty Ltd, Oberon NSW made $2150/unit
–  28 Angus cows & calves, 3-10 years cows with 2-5 month calves at foot, Corley No. 42 Pty Ltd, Drillham QLD made $2110/unit
–  11 Angus cows & calves, 3-4 years cows with 3-7 month calves at foot, SP Agriculture Co Pty Ltd, Oberon NSW made $2050/unit

34 Top priced Angus cows and calves from Inverell NSW making $2770/unit

31 Angus steers, 320kg topped the 300-350kg market portion for steers at 361c/kg or $1155/hd

67 Angus heifers, 340kg from Guyra NSW topping this market at 324c/kg or $1100/hd

Pictured top: 34 Top priced cows and calves making $2770/unit in Friday’s AuctionsPlus Eastern States sale (15/01/16). Photo courtesy of AuctionsPlus