Angus through the ages – Conference Videos now available

July 3, 2019 3:51 pm

Videos from the Angus through the ages National Conference are now available.

Angus may be the most sought after cattle and beef around the world, but the message is clear, we cannot rest on our laurels!

As a breed we need to drive change, continue to lead, work as a well rounded team, to tell our story with a well branded message, utilise the technologies that are available when making breeding decisions, protect the Angus ‘brand’ and most importantly listen to what the end user, the consumer wants.

See below for all the highlights and presentations from the conference.

Conference Highlights

From the President

Adam Arndell – Thought leadership in PR

Adrian Richardson – Changes over time of Angus beef prep/serve and what that might look like to the consumer in the future


 Angus Street – Staying ahead of the game – evolving your brand through the ages

 Anthony Puharich – How beef (particularly Angus) preparation and selling in a wholesale and retail space has changed and what the risks and opportunities are facing the Angus brand

 Christian Duff – 10 Years of the Angus Sire Benchmarking Program

Dorian Garrick – Next generation selection – Focus on Traits Not Considered


Natalie Isaac – International Markets: understanding our consumer and delivering to their needs

Diana Wood – Do you have a powerful brand identity?

Jo-anne Harper – Genetic management of porcine programs

Jess Pryles – Use of Angus beef in the competitive and growing world of BBQ

Dr Sam Clark – Breeding better Angus breeders

Shane Thomson – Managing the High Fertility Beef Herd

Dr Sophia Edwards – Advancements in reproductive management for commercial producers

 Dr Brad Hine – Breeding Angus for Improved Health


Marcel Moodley – Value of knowing its Angus to supermarket customers and what that looks like in the future

Sue Cannon – Balancing your marketing in the digital age

Kent Anderson – Genomics in 2030

Sam Burke & Kelly Payne – How MLA works with the catering industry to utilise Australia beef to meet consumer expectations, how that has changed and how that may look in the future

Robert Herrmann – What is the Angus Premium and what it’s worth


 The Panel – Sam White, Jason Strong, Kent Anderson, Adrian Richardson & Anthony Puharich