Angus through the ages speaker spotlights

April 17, 2019 9:20 am

Sam Burke and Kelly Payne from Meat & Livestock Australia will be speaking during the Angus through the ages National Conference on May 23rd and 24th in Albury NSW.


Sam Burke, Meat & Livestock Australia  – ‘How MLA works with the catering industry to utilise Australia beef

Sam Burke is an executive chef, marketing and hospitality operations manager with more than 24 years industry experience working with premium beef and lamb.

Starting out as an apprentice chef Sam worked his way up the catering trade in butcher shops, corporate, leisure and sporting events including the Olympics and Rugby World Cup, before joining one of Australia’s largest commercial catering companies for 20 years.

Trading catering halls for beef and boardrooms, Sam took over the executive chef reins at Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) in 2014 and has since travelled across Australia and the globe promoting and celebrating the quality and diversity of premium Australian beef to the wider community.

Sam’s expertise in large scale catering environments has enabled him to educate beef and lamb users on plate costs, product development and extracting value from the whole carcase. This included working with McDonalds Japan on new sandwich concepts using Australian red meat alongside their traditional burger offerings and enabling other quick service restaurants and retailers to present smaller primal cuts to suit the growing convenience trend.

Globally, Sam has cooked for thousands ranging from trade shows in Asia, wagyu experts in Japan, politicians, sports stars, musicians in Australia and most recently at the Queen’s Young Achievers annual celebration at the Australian High Commission in London.

Sam’s knowledge of red meat spans the entire supply chain, having worked closely alongside farmers, processors, food technology scientists, chefs, restaurant chains, retailers, CEOs and meat traders to understand and celebrate the attributes of beef and lamb to the global chef and foodservice community.

Kelly Payne, Meat & Livestock Australia – ‘How MLA works with the catering industry to utilise Australian beef (with a focus on Angus if possible) to meet consumer expectations, how that has changed and how that may look in the future’

Never pleased with the “Status Quo” Kelly’s pursuit of Tasty Tender Beef every time has become a lifelong ambition.

As the End User Training Facilitator for Meat Standards Australia Kelly has been responsible for implementing the MSA program to the End user sector of the meat Industry.

Training and licensing Hotels, Butchers, Wholesalers and Independent Supermarkets have been the focus of the End User program over the past 20 years.

Prior to this Kelly honed his passion for Beef and Sheep meat owning and running a boutique meat wholesale business as a young man delivering into the Brisbane retail butcher market from a family property on the Darling Downs.

Kelly also had the opportunity to prepare live cattle and long fed carcase for the Japanese market in the early 90’s for one of Australia’s Pastoral Houses.

To complete the product circle Kelly implemented a new consumer brand into an independent retail and restaurant supply butchery business supplying retail customers and large restaurants across Queensland.