The What, The Why and The Cost

How do you really know it’s Angus?

Get rewarded for your quality Angus cattle by displaying the Angus Verified endorsement in the marketplace.

It records the use of registered Angus sires, declares breeders and animals are purebred Angus and validates that the RFIDs of your sires are on your PIC at the time of joining to authenticate your purebred Angus breeding program.


What’s recorded?

Angus Sire Records

  • PIC Number
  • Angus Sire ID

Angus Verified Animal

  • Mob Name
  • Sex
  • Birth Year
  • Sire ID or Sire Group
  • Breeder PIC
  • Birth Range by Month

Why would I join?

  • Builds integrity, confidence, and trust
  • Leverages a competitive advantage
  • Secures market premiums
  • Rewarded the use of registered Angus sires
  • Adds credibility to your business reputation
  • Improves your profitability
  • All Angus Verified RFIDs are recorded in the Angus Australia database
  • Identify your cattle with exclusive Angus Verified tags

Where do I sign up?

  1. Become a member of Angus Australia and join Angus Verified
  2. Download the Aglive App
  3. Set up your account… and you’re good to go!

What does it cost?

  • Angus Verified Subscription – $110/year
  • Verify Animals – $1/head

Digital Animal Records uploaded by Angus Australia charged at $2.00/head.  Manual Animal Records uploaded by Angus Australia charged at $66.00/hr.  All prices GST inclusive.



Download the Aglive App – Free from the App Store – includes access to eNVDs, data transfers and livestock management tools