Angus weaner wonderland

January 13, 2016 3:48 pm

As the weaner sales continue their run in southern Australia, the prices being paid for steers and heifers are well and truly eclipsing the results achieved in 2015, with Angus and Angus influenced cattle, again coming to the forefront for demand.

Following reports that the Wodonga weaner sales would see a record 9,000  head of Angus cattle offered over two days, the numbers, quality and most certainly results did not disappoint as the high prices kept on rolling in.

The Wodonga Independent Agents weaner sale on the 7th of January saw 3,700 head go under the hammer. Prices hit 392c/kg for steers and 368c/kg for heifers. For dollar per head prices were between $1,190 for lightweight yearlings to $1,590 for 0-2 tooth steers. Northern buyers had a huge influence on the sale.

The top price for steers was paid for a pen of 23 Angus steers, 264kg, on account of the Dedic Family, with the steers knocked down for 392c/kg or $1,035 per head.

Another highlight of the sale was a draft of 161 EU accredited weaners, 323kg to 393kg,  offered by Ian Seidel, Narrandera NSW, who prior to the sale was awarded Best Presented Pen for a pen of his 10-11 month old Angus weaners.

Mr Seidel’s steers sold to a top price per head of $1,330 for 393kg steers (338c/kg), with the balance making $1,190 to $ $1,330 for 323 to 356kg steers (354 to 368c/kg).

Another outstanding result saw Smokey Mountain, who offered 195 Angus steers 368kg to 344kg,,  receive a  top price in cents per kilogram of 384c/kg , for a pen of 41 steers weighing 268kg, to make $1,030 per head.

Two other pens of 54 steers made 375c/kg or $1,160 and  374c/kg or $1,170 .

The top price per head of the Smokey Mountain steers of  $1,240 (360c/kg) was made by a draft of 48 steers.

J Wiltshire, from Table Top NSW received top dollars per head when his offering of  42 steers made  from $1,440 to $1,590.

Heifers were in high demand with the Seidel Family achieving top rate for cents per kilogram when a pen  of their Angus heifers, 321kg were knocked down for 368c/kg or $1,180.

Overall the Seidel’s sold 62 EU accredited Angus heifers, making $1,030 to $1,180 or 342c/kg to 368c/kg.

Other Wodonga quotes (7/1/16):
–  11 Angus steers, 343kg, Virginia Clancy, made 343c/kg or $1,175
–  77 Angus steers, 268-302kg, Mitchell Pastoral Co, Bethanga VIC, made $1,045 – $1,125
–  37 Angus heifers, WA & SE Dudley, Deniliquin NSW, made $1,270 – $1,400

Day two of the Wodonga sales on the 8th of January, saw Corcoran Parker, Elders and Landmark sell 5,200 head of Angus cattle making up to 390c/kg.

A feature of the offering was a draft of 474 EU accredited Angus steers, 262 to 335kg,  on account of the Manning Family, Mansfield VIC, made from 970 to $1,195,  to average $1,149.

From a dollars per head perspective, the top run of 142 steers made $1,195 (357c/kg), the second run of 110 also made $1,195 (376c/kg); the third run of 66 made $1,145 (368c/kg) while the final run of 133 made $1,095 (378c/kg).

The top price for cents per kilogram was for a pen of 271kg calves making $1,035 or 386c/kg, one of the top results for cents per kilogram.

A pen of 8 yearling steers from Cleveland Farming, Staghorn Flat VIC, made $1,560.

One of the best pens of Angus heifers offered, came from the Clarke family from Ournie, NSW, who sold 43 Angus heifer weaners, 285kg, for $985 or 346c/kg.

Other Wodonga quotes (8/1/16):
–  11 Angus steers, WM McDonald & Son, Rosewhite, made $1,555 or 330c/kg
–  59 yearling Angus steers, SR & TL Jones, Culcairn NSW, made up to $1,440 to average $1370
–  98 Angus steers, WM McDonald & Son, Rosewhite, made $1,125 to $1,275
–  81 Angus steers, PR Harvey, Rosewood VIC, made up to $1,220 to average $1,141 (pen of 64, 307kg made 365c/kg)
–  132 Angus steers, 8-9 months, Deepdale Tallarook P/L, Tallarook VIC, made 352-367c/kg or $975 – $1,200
–  21 Angus heifers, Kapunda, Deniliquin NSW, made $1,185
–  61 Angus heifers, G & H Mercieca Mansfiled VIC, made $905 to $1,070
–  40 Angus heifers, 315kg, Roache Family, made 330c/kg or $1,040

The Elders Yea, British bred and Euro cross sale also took place on January 8th, where steers hit a sale high for dollars per head at $1,410.

It was the first pen of the day, on account of Sue and Michael Spagnolo, Yea VIC that made the top price for 18 Angus steers, 428kg. Their draft of 150 Angus steers made from $1,050 to the top price.

The top pen of steers on cents per kilogram, were 18 Angus from Box Hill Pastoral, 410kg, making 343c/kg or $1,410.

They also sold a second pen of 18 at $1,350.

Other Yea quotes (8/1/16):
–  18 Angus steers, Feb/March drop, 392kg, Drysdale Family, made $1,350
–  18 Angus steers, 387kg, Cremona Park, Molesworth VIC, made $1,320
–  22 Angus steers, Keith Baumgartner, Yea VIC, made $1,300

The Mt Gambier mixed sex weaners sale on January 8th 2016, reached a top price in cents per kilogram of 346c/kg for a pen of 24 Angus steers, 307kg on account of Ruthven.

The top price in dollars per head was achieved by 22 heavy Angus steers, 488kg, on account of Kilsby Road, making $1,455.

Other Mt Gambier quotes (8/1/16):
–  13 Angus steers, 280kg, Bradley Lucas, Kongorong, made 341c/kg or $955
–  20 Angus heifers, 10-12 months, 320kg, made 303c/kg or $970

The Colac Birregurra All breeds sale, January 11th, reached a top of 350c/kg for a pen of Angus steers, February/March drop, 312kg.

The best of the heavier steers sold to $1290 for4 Angus weighing 425kg on account of Kingoonya.

10 Angus cross Limousin calves, offered by C&B Ashcroft, weighing 414kg, made $1265, while TA & DE Richardson sold 10 Angus-Charolais calves weighing 362kg for $1220.

Other Colac quotes:
–  66 Angus steers, Will and Wendy Dennis, Warncoort, made $1,170
–  140 heavy Angus steers, Simon and Yvonne Arundell, VIC, made Feb/March, made $1,235

Other weaner sale quotes:

Naracoorte All agents all breeds sale (7/1/16):
–  20 PCAS accredited Angus steers, 316kg, KP Pastoral Naracoorte SA, made $1,087

Casterton Elders All breeds sale (8/1/16):
–  10 Angus steers, 324kg, Greg Cook, Brimboal, made 342c/kg
–  59 Angus steers, Brian Meyer, Casterton VIC, averaged $1,145 (top pen of 10, 404kg made 326c/kg or $1,317).

Pictured above: Buyers in action from the Wodonga Weaner Sale (07/01/16). Photo courtesy Fairfax Media