Cattle Information

The following information will be useful if you are interested in bringing cattle to the 2018 Thomas Foods International Angus Youth National Roundup.

Roundup Dates:

11-14 January 2018 (Thursday to Sunday)


Wodonga Showground VIC

Arrival times:

Morning of Thursday 11th January, however if you are travelling long distances and need to arrive earlier please contact Murk Schoen 0427 558 023

Departure times:

Cattle can leave the showground after 2pm on Sunday 14th January. Alternatively, it is also possible to stay Sunday night and head off Monday morning. Please contact Murk Schoen 0427 558 023.

Ballot cattle:

The highlight of the Thomas Foods International Angus Youth National Roundup is that we provide cattle to anyone that is unable to bring their own. This extends the ‘Roundup experience’ to a much larger group of young beef cattle enthusiasts. However, for us to be able to do this we rely heavily on the support from Angus breeders who may be able to bring additional ‘spare/ballot’ animals to the event. For general/ballot cattle information please contact Dee Branson 0475 954 465 or Caitlin Berecry 0448 200 822.

Cattle Regulations:

Following are some general regulations regarding the exhibition of your cattle.

  • Participants under the age of 18 as at the 1st of January, 2018 may only enter one animal each. If space allows, competitors over the age of 18 are permitted to enter up to 2 animals, however must have the understanding that the second animal may be used as a ballot if required. The Roundup committee reserves the right to re-allocate extra animals as ballots, at any time during the Roundup. All competitors will be notified after the closing of entries if we are able to cater for extra animals, after which competitors may apply for an additional entry.
  • Steers must be at least 50% black or red Angus and have no more than two permanent teeth.
  • Heifers must be under 24 months of age. Animals with calves at foot are eligible for heifer or cow classes. The maximum age for the calf at foot is 9 months.
  • Bulls must be under 17 months of age. Handlers of bulls over 12 months of age must be 16 years or older.
  • Age of cattle will be taken from the 1st January 2018.
Bulk Cattle Entry Form:

If you are planning on bringing large numbers of animals, you can use the bulk cattle entry form. This will also let us know if you’ve pre-allocated any of your animals prior to the event to competitors.

For breeders willing to provide ballot animals can you please fill out the experience column to give us a better idea of how experienced your cattle are so we can match them with competitors of similar levels. The Bulk Cattle entry form can be found HERE

Herd Health Declaration:

Please ensure you have completed and returned your Herd Health Declaration (including your J-BAS score in question 6). This is important for government regulations and is necessary to confirm stalling plans. This form can be found HERE.

Pestivirus Testing:

All animals entered in the 2018 Roundup must be tested for Pestivirus. This testing can be done through the Angus Australia Office. The costs will be approximately $20 per test. If the animal returns a negative Pestivirus test result it will then be eligible to enter the Roundup. All hair samples will need to be received at the office by no later than Friday 11th December, 2017 to ensure that results are back in time. Results from samples submitted after this date, may not be available in time for the Roundup. Hair samples can be sent in on the University of Queensland collector.

Breeders can organise their own tests if they wish, however Angus Australia will need to be provided with a copy of the results.

While we acknowledge that this is an additional cost and extra work for those breeders supplying cattle we trust that you will understand the importance of protecting yourself and other breeders from the damaging impact of this disease. If you need more details on how to test for Pestivirus please contact the Angus Australia Office (02) 6773 4600.

Thomas Foods International Angus Youth National Roundup Committee Contact Details:

Coordinator: Murk Schoen 0427 558 023 or email