ASBP – Cohort 6 Pregnancy Test Results

March 31, 2016 12:04 pm

With pregnancy scanning completed across 7 co-operator herds, Cohort 6 of the Angus Sire Benchmarking Program (ASBP) is set to produce approximately 1,300 progeny with calving to commence in June 2016.

This joining occurred in the spring of 2015 involving 41 new Angus sires and 1 link sire joined to 2,559 females (including 202 yearling heifers). The overall conception rate to AI (utilising Cue-mate® devices and the Vetoquinol 3 event fixed time AI protocol with one round of insemination) was 53.1% across the 7 co-operator herds.

As expected, there was a wide range in conception outcomes when comparing herds and mobs within herds. The highest conception rate for an individual co-operator herd was 62% with several others achieving rates close to 60%.

The 42 sires achieved an average of 32 successful conceptions. To view a listing of the Cohort 6 sires Click Here