ASBP – Processing of Cohort 4 Steers Commences

June 14, 2016 11:23 am

The first mob of steers from Cohort 4 of the Angus Sire Benchmarking Program (ASBP) were processed and graded across the 30th and 31st June 2016.

This mob included 103 steers which were bred at “Burindi”, Barraba, NSW which is a Paraway Pastoral property, managed by Richard and Ruth Puddicombe.

The steers, which were purchased by Rangers Valley as feeders, underwent a 270 feeding program including 100+ days in Tullimba research feedlot and the balance in Rangers Valley feedlot.

Overall performance statistics from the steer processing and Rangers Valley grading are tabled below.

Live Wt(kg) Carcase Wt Dressing % P8 Fat (mm)  AUSMEATMarbling (Score) 
Average 774 444 57.3 22 3.3
Maximum 934 527 60.6 42 6
Minimum 620 373 54.3 10 2

Out of the 103 carcases, 94 (or 91%) graded marbling score 3 or greater while 8 bodies graded marbling score 5 or greater.

There is a further 190 Cohort 4 steers from 2 mobs to be processed and graded before the end of 2016. The data will be included in TACE following the grading of the final mob. It is envisaged this will be for the mid-December TACE analysis.

For a full list of the Cohort 4 sires CLICK HERE

Top Image:  The eye muscle from ASBP steer PBHK182 from sire Wattletop Franklin G188. This steer had a carcase weight of 494 kg, dressing % of 60.5%, rib fat of 19 mm, 100 cm2 EMA and Ausmeat marbling score of 5.