ASBP Steer Reaches Marbling Score 8

January 5, 2016 3:58 pm

A purebred Angus steer from a recent Angus Sire Benchmarking Program (ASBP) processing has graded with an Aus-Meat marbling score of 8. Following 270 days on feed, the overall group of 127 steers averaged 3.5 for marbling score with 33% being a marble score 4 or higher.

Christian Duff, Angus Australia strategic Projects Manager, explained “the steer was bred by ASBP co-operator herd owned and managed by Brad and Marg Gilmour, Boorcan, Victoria. It was sire by Rennylea Ambassador F857 which is owned by The Glen Pastoral Co.”

“Along with high marbling score of 8, the carcase from a steer just over 2 years of age, also had other outstanding attributes such as a carcase weight of 525 kg with a 102 cm2 eye muscle area and 70.24 MSA Index, indicating very high eating quality.”

Christian added “by comparison, this marbling performance matches that of the steak that won the recent World Steak challenge in the UK. It was recently reported that this steak was from a F2 Wagyu cross Angus steer fed for 400 to 450 days.”

One of the major objectives of the ASBP is to progeny test modern Australian Angus bulls, particularly for difficult to measure traits. To date the ASBP has collected and analysed direct abattoir carcase and grading data on approximately 1,200 steers from 122 Angus sires.

Pictured above: An ASBP steer had recently graded 8 for Aus-Meat marbling score