Australian Angus Beef has an indispensable role in the BBQ world – Jess Pryles, The Hardcore Carnivore

July 23, 2019 4:38 pm

For Jess Pryles, cook, author, tv host and Hardcore Carnivore, her expertise lies in all things red meat and having educated herself in the field of meat, and particularly beef, how to cook it, the difference between grass and grain fed, how does aging affect meat etc, Jess provided conference delegates with an insight to how Angus beef contributes to the world of BBQ. 

And for Jess this is one of her favourite roles, getting to act as a conduit between the BBQ and the beef communities. 

‘I get to spread the gospel of BBQ to people like yourselves who produce the incredible raw ingredient that is everything to the BBQ  process,’ Jess told delegates. 

BBQ was born from the neccessity to turn less desirable cuts into something saleable and something palateable, but despite these origins, the new generation of barbecuers have learnt that the quality of the producer makes a tremendous difference to the outcome. 

‘The great BBQ restaurants ensure they use high quality and well marbled beef and quality and palateability are the hallmarks of Angus cattle and  the careful genetics programs associated with it,’ said Jess. 

‘Thanks to the genetics, marbling and physical size of Angus cattle, Angus beef has come to enjoy the premiere spot of the beef choice among Australian BBQ pitmasters and restaurants.’ 

In BBQ competitions, despite everything that goes into creating the ultimate BBQ dish, where judges are known to take just one bite, Jess highlighted that they key is starting with a great base, ‘Long term grain fed Angus brisket provides the richness of flavour and luxurious mouth feel that teams are looking to provide the judges.’ 

The beef and BBQ relationship is symbiotic, bbq provides the beef industry with opporutnities for value adding and the romance and world wide obessession with ‘que’ has created a whole new market for beef consumption, 

‘As it grows, the Australian BBQ industry will continue to rely more than ever on the quality hallmarks of Angus beef.’