Better TACE Management

May 23, 2018 1:35 pm

Submission Deadlines

If you are relying on updated EBVs from a particular analysis whether it be for your sale, catalogue or show please make sure that all of your registration details, DNA and performance data is submitted well ahead of the submission deadline to guarantee that updated EBVs are available when they are needed.

Check Your Outlier Reports

A quick reminder that all TACE outlier reports are provided in the Files to Download section of the Member Login Area on the Angus Australia website as well as being sent to you via post.  An outlier occurs when the difference between a performance record for an animal, and the average of all animals in the contemporary group is greater than would normally be expected for the trait measured (more than 3 standard deviations).  When this happens the “outlier” data is excluded from the TACE analysis until the data is checked and Angus Australia has been notified that it is correct. Please endeavour to regularly check for outlier reports in the “Files to Download” section of the Angus Australia website.  If you do not check these records and notify Angus Australia of the corrections or verification of the data, then the outlier records will remain excluded from all future TACE analyses.

Submitting your performance data

There are various Microsoft Excel templates that can be used to submit performance data to Angus TACE.  These templates are easy to understand and allow staff at Angus Australia to quickly process each herd’s performance data with ease.  If you are looking to submit performance data to Angus TACE and would like to try the excel templates provided, please contact staff at Angus Australia or download the templates from the TACE resources section of the Angus Australia website.

Alternative methods of data submission include paper performance recording forms, data submissions through herd recording programs and our online website performance submission facility.  For more information, please contact