Angus HeiferSELECT

Developed in collaboration with Zoetis Animal Genetics, Angus HeiferSELECT is a genomic selection tool to help inform the selection of Angus replacement females (87.5% Angus content or greater) in a commercial beef breeding operation.

Angus HeiferSELECT is available to commercial members of Angus Australia who are using registered Angus bulls, further adding to the value of utilising registered Angus bulls in commercial Angus breeding programs.

Features of Angus HeiferSELECT include:

  • Sire assignment
  • Genetic prediction for 8 individual traits (Calving Ease Direct, 200 Day Growth, Milk, Mature Cow Weight, Carcase Weight, Eye Muscle Area, Rib Fat, Intramuscular Fat)
  • Genetic prediction and star rating for overall breeding value

Angus HeiferSELECT complements other sources of information that may be used in commercial replacement heifer selection, such as phenotypic evaluation, age, weight and pedigree information, and provides valuable insight into the genetic potential of heifers, particularly for traits that are otherwise difficult, time consuming or expensive to measure using traditional methods.

Angus HeiferSELECT can be exclusively ordered from Angus Australia for a price of $48.50 (incl GST) per animal.


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