Downloading Genetic Conditions Results File

Below is a simple set of instructions for downloading and opening a genetic condition result file:


1. Go to


2. On the top right hand side of the home page, click ‘Member Login’


3. When you reach the sign on area, enter your login details.


4. For members who have used the Angus Members Area before, enter your Herd ID and your password. Please note that your ID and password are NOT case sensitive.

5. For members who are logging in for the first time, you will be required to reset your password. Enter your Herd ID and your password issued by Angus Australia. In the boxes below, enter your new password. Passwords are not case sensitive.

6. Once logged in, on the top right hand side of page, click ‘Files to Download’.


7. In the ‘File Name’ field, locate the file labelled ‘(herd ID)_DD_STATUS_UPDATE.CSV and double click to open.


8. You will be given three different options to view this file. For future reference, select the ‘Save As’.

9. Choose a location to save the file. To easily find your file again, select the ‘Desktop’, then click ‘Save’

10. Minimise your browser so that your desktop is visible. Locate your file and double click to open it.

Once open, your animal idents will be listed in Column A. Their DD status will be listed in column G, labelled ‘Animal DD Status’. You may need to expand column G in order to see the full header.