In order to enrol in Angus BREEDPLAN, please complete the “Angus BREEDPLAN Enrolment Form” and return to the Angus Australia office.

To download the enrolment form CLICK HERE


A Guide to Getting Started

The Angus BREEDPLAN Getting Started Guide provides Angus Australia members with introductory information needed to begin performance recording with BREEDPLAN by answering the following questions:

• What is BREEDPLAN?
• What is an EBV?
• What are the prerequisites for joining BREEDPLAN?
• How do I join BREEDPLAN?
• What can you expect from your BREEDPLAN membership?
• What costs are involved in BREEDPLAN?
• How do I begin performance recording with BREEDPLAN?
• What BREEDPLAN EBVs are available?
• What performance information do I need to record on my animals?
• What equipment is needed?
• How do I submit my performance to BREEDPLAN?
• How will I receive my BREEDPLAN results?
• When will I receive my BREEDPLAN results?
• What is the minimum recommended herd size?
• How can I make my performance data more effective?

To view a copy of the Angus BREEDPLAN Getting Started Guide click here

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