Changes to Angus Australia’s DNA Services

January 2, 2019 3:26 pm

Angus Australia, in association with its partner organisations, Zoetis Animal Genetics and Neogen Australasia, is pleased to announce some changes to the DNA services that are available to Angus Australia members.

The revised services and associated pricing are available for DNA orders requested from January 1st onwards.

Most notably:

  • A discount of $3.30 is now available for the Angus GS product when conducted using TSU samples via Neogen, reducing the price from $51.45 to $48.15.
  • Prices have reduced for genetic condition testing when conducted as an add-on to the HD50K for Angus product via Zoetis. There is also greater flexibility to the genetic conditions that can be requested as add-ons to HD50K for Angus.
  • BVDV (PI) testing can now be conducted as an add-on to Angus GS testing from both TSU and hair samples via Neogen.
  • BVDV (PI) testing is no longer available as a stand-alone test via either Zoetis or Neogen. Members interested in conducting stand-alone testing for BVDV (i.e. not in association with genomic testing) are encouraged to contact their local veterinarian for advice.

For an updated list of the DNA services offered by Angus Australia and their associated pricing CLICK HERE

For further information, please contact staff at Angus Australia on (02) 6773 4600. Information is also available by contacting staff at Zoetis on 1300 768 400, or Neogen on (07) 3736 2134.