Commercial Angus AuctionsPlus Report 2 Sept

September 7, 2016 3:39 pm

AuctionsPlus Friday sale, 2 Sept, saw a drop in numbers offered on previous weeks however the competition remained strong with widespread rain and milder temperatures reassuring bidders of the bumper spring that lies ahead.

Top prices across the board for young steers were snagged by Angus and Angus cross cattle, with the Angus steers averaging over 13c/kg more than any other steers in this sale.

PTIC Angus females and Angus cows and calves were also in hot demand, dominating the offering, topping all categories and pushing the Angus average $113/hd higher than any other cows and calves in this sale.

Sale Summary:

Angus AuctionsPlus 020916_table.xlsx


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Angus Steers:

Angus AuctionsPlus 020916_edited.xlsx



Angus Heifers:

Angus AuctionsPlus 020916_edited.xlsx



Angus PTIC Females:

Angus AuctionsPlus 020916_edited.xlsx



Angus Cows & Calves:

Angus AuctionsPlus 020916_edited.xlsx


Pictured top: 17 top priced Angus cows and calves, under 2.5yrs, from Tamworth NSW, making $2 920 in Friday’s AuctionsPlus sale 2 September. Photo courtesy of AuctionsPlus.