Commercial Angus AuctionsPlus Report 28 Oct

November 1, 2016 11:38 am

Angus and Angus cross cattle achieved a premium of $14/head across the board in Friday’s AuctionsPlus sale 28 Oct

Premiums for Angus and Angus cross cattle above the sale averages (including Angus):

    • Steers   13c/kg   or   $72.50/hd
    • Heifers   8c/kg   or   $24.75/hd
    • Cows & Calves   $50/hd

Cattle numbers reduced last week, dipping to 10 962 head, as a result of softening markets and favourable weather conditions giving producers a bit of breathing room compared to previous years.


Sale Summary:



click here angus auctionsplus sale summary


Angus Steers:

Angus AuctionsPlus 281016_edits.xlsx


Angus Heifers:

Angus AuctionsPlus 281016_edits.xlsx


Angus PTIC Females:

Angus AuctionsPlus 281016_edits.xlsx


Angus Cows & Calves:

Angus AuctionsPlus 281016_edits.xlsx

Pictured top: 26 top priced Angus cows & calves, 2yrs old, from Armidale NSW, making $2 950 in Friday’s AuctionsPlus sale 28 Oct. Photo courtesy of AuctionsPlus.