Commercial Angus AuctionsPlus Report 29 July

August 2, 2016 3:37 pm

Friday’s AuctionsPlus sale, 29 July, saw a decreased in numbers of 1065 head on the previous week with breeders and cow & calf numbers steady while young cattle numbers remained strong. The sale numbers were dominated by Angus and Angus cross cattle that out-performed all others in 85% of the sale.

Friday’s sale saw a standout line of young 4 – 8 month old, EU, Angus steers (148kg) and heifers 159kg) out of Talwood QLD, make $810 (547c/kg) and $780 (489c/kg) respectively. Their heavier brothers weighed 190kg and sold for $980 (515c/kg). View video of STEERS and HEIFERS

PTIC female numbers dropped but prices remained steady.

Cows & calves sold for some cracking prices, which included a line of PTIC, 3 year old Angus cows with 180kg Angus calves at foot from Molong NSW, securing a whopping $2,510. View video COWS & CALVES

Another line of PTIC, 6 – 9 year old Angus cows with 175kg Angus calves at foot from Kangaroo Valley NSW, sold for $2,120.

Sale Summary:


Angus AuctionsPlus sale summary: To download a clear, print friendly PDF version CLICK HERE


Angus Steers:STEERS


Angus Heifers:



Angus PTIC Females:



Angus Cows & Calves:



Pictured top: 86 top priced Angus weaner steers, 148kg, from Talwood QLD, making $810 (547c/kg) in Friday’s AuctionsPlus sale 29 July. Photo courtesy of AuctionsPlus.