Consumers Growing Appetite for Angus Beef

November 29, 2017 10:39 am

2015 saw the formation of the Bindaree Beef Group (BBG), a vertically integrated supply chain meat business consisting of a feedlot, Myola Feedlot, premier export listed processing plant, Bindaree Beef, distinguished meat sales and marketing business, Sanger Australia and destination retail store Australian Meat Emporium.

The establishment of BBG was a natural alignment of these individual entities, the culmination benefitting the new organisation’s focus to supply, process, sell, market and share Australian beef with the world.

Consumers are the core focus of the BBG business, instigating a shift from the traditional push model to the adoption of a consumer-insight led strategy.

“Our programs are focused on discovering and understanding the needs and wants of the end consumer and seeking to deliver on these,” Sanger Australia CEO, James Campbell said.

“It’s essentially taking the paddock to plate philosophy and turning it on its head,” Mr Campbell said.

Part of this connection with consumers has been represented through the establishment and execution of BBG’s Angus programs.

Whilst Angus has been a stalwart of the Australian beef industry for more than a century and a popular consumer facing beef brand in the US for some time, the real ascendancy for the breed’s awareness amongst the Australian end consumer is widely credited to the launch of McDonald’s Angus burger into the marketplace.

Following from the subsequent rise in popularity for Angus beef in Australia, the inception of BBG’s branded programs three years ago saw the establishment of a dedicated brand, Cape Byron Angus.

Since this time, Cape Byron Angus has been awarded many accolades and has become a widely revered and recognised brand across high end retailers, restaurants, pubs and clubs.

BBG’s Angus programs have become an integral part of group operations, striking a chord on home soil, with consistent demand from the wholesale and food service industries as well as building traction in export markets abroad.

With expertise spanning most of the Australian beef supply chain, BBG’s backgrounding operations comprise of country across the New England region, North West and Central West NSW and Southern QLD totalling 92,000 acres.

BBG purchases Angus weaners between 250 – 320kg, backgrounds on grass and forage crops before sending them to the feedlot. These cattle are then finished on grain at Myola Feedlot for either 70 or 100 days.

BBG’s Angus programs represent an area of continued growth and success on the back of the Cape Byron Angus brand, combined with the supply of Angus trim for further processing to key partners including McDonald’s and Patties Foods.

BBG’s Cape Byron Angus is renowned within the domestic food service and wholesale industries for its consistency and quality.

This brand was expanded last year to include a Cape Byron Angus beef burger wholesale product targeting restaurants, pubs and clubs across the eastern seaboard.

The product is increasing in popularity and through recent additional pack size catering to smaller foodservice customers, the value-added burger range has seen order quantities double.

BBG has also instigated an Angus brand into the Chinese, Japanese and South East Asian markets.

With supply to Hong Kong and Taiwanese customers already established, BBG’s Angus product is now sent directly to retailers in shelf ready packaging.

The inherent characteristics of Angus beef including its superior texture, flavour and marbling position it as a product that is fit for purpose in these international markets and allows for faster growth opportunities.

The increasing demand for cattle to support these growth opportunities is reflected in the initial stages of the supply chain according to BBG’s Livestock Manager, Andrew Simmonds.

“The Angus premium offered above the price grid to producers displays both a commitment and dedication to supporting the growth of our Angus programs,” Mr Simmonds says.

“These programs are an integral part of our business and as such, it is important we incentivise our producers to continue to supply the right cattle, ultimately catering to consumers who have a hearty appetite for our Angus beef product,” says Mr Simmonds.

To find out more about Bindaree Beef Group’s Angus programs contact Livestock Manager, Andrew Simmonds 0431 503 26.

The Cape Byron brand has expanded to include Angus burger patties targeted towards food service customers.

Top Image:  BBG’s Angus programs have struck a chord on home soil and in export markets